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Guangzhou's Carousel Buffet Restaurant——Felicity
The only carousel restaurant in Guangzhou, Felicity, is known for its extravagant buffet.

The only carousel restaurant in Guangzhou, Felicity, lies quietly on a side street of Tiyuxi Road. As the name suggests, customers can have dinners in the Merry-go-round dining table that installed in it, only with a low spinning speed for eating comfortably. In that way, people are able to enjoy food and entertainment the same time. Blue as the sea, it gives a feeling of oceanic fantasy with pure white doors and French windows. This unique restaurant is known for its extravagant buffet.


Felicity boasts over 20 kinds of steaks for savoring.

                             Grilled Lamb Chop with Vanilla and Red Wine 

Good table presentation and tender meat, without much mutton odor. Dipping with red wine, the flavor is quite thick.


                             Rib-eye Steak

The scented medium-well steak blends with black pepper sauce, with snowflake pattern evenly distributed in the gravy rib eye. The potatoes beside is also tasty.


                                                            Super Mixed Grill

It offers a variety of steaks for savoring at the same time. The scented and slightly burn skin, the tender meat and thick sauce match perfectly. Pork with lemon grass, Braised Chicken with garlic and Fish steak are also a great choice. 


Abundant in collagen, its crispy-burnt skin and delicate meat go well with sour-sweet ketchup. 

                              Mala Sauce Pasta 

                                                               Baked Rice with Seafood in Pineapple

Fine and fruity, it tastes fresh with shrimps.

Drink & Juice

More than 10 types of drinks are offered, such as Mango ice drink, Watermelon smoothie, HK-style milk tea, coffee and etc.

Cold dishes and Snacks 

Salad & Fruits

Other service: offering leisure activities like board games.

Address: Exit B of Tiyuxi Road in Metro Line 1 or Line 3

Time: 11:00 - 00:00

(By Zoe Xu, Louis Berney)



Editor:Zoe Xu
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