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Lanham Place Offers Italian Dishes in Its Newly Refurbished Restaurant
Langham Place, Guangzhou provides gourmet indulgence with its upgraded semi-outdoor Italian restaurant, Alfresco.

Langham Place, Guangzhou provides gourmet indulgence with its upgraded semi-outdoor Italian restaurant, Alfresco. Executive sous chef Andrea from Venice introduces the art of Italian cuisine by serving a collection of authentic regional favorites and chef’s specialties.

The refurbished Alfresco, located on Level 4, offers an unobstructed view of the kitchen with the chefs showcasing their culinary prowess.

The different regions in Italy offer a variety of specialty foods that celebrate local cultures and original tastes, using a whole palette of flavors. With 15 years of culinary experience, chef Andrea and his team bring authentic Italian dishes with a selection of natural, seasonal ingredients.

Carpaccio di manzo alla cipriani (Beef tenderloin, Venetian sauce) is representative of traditional Italian cuisine. Using the premium, central part of the beef tenderloin, the chef seasons the carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil, Maldon salt and classic Venetian sauce.

Zuppa di zucca, capesanta grigliata e tartufo Nero di Norcia (pumpkin, cream, black truffle, scallop, basil oil) demonstrates the chef’s penchant for details. The roasted pumpkin cubes with pan-fried scallops give the dish a rich flavor. Caramelized pumpkin seed and Norcia black truffle topping create additional layers of flavors and complexity. Homemade pasta is a staple in traditional Italian cuisine. Ravioli ricotta e spinaci (homemade ravioli, spinach, ricotta, sage, sautéed mushrooms, wild herbs) has a nice dash of nutmeg and cinnamon notions. The topping, made from typical fresh wild herbs, balances the whole taste for this ravioli.

“Our new Alfresco perfectly provide diners with wine-paired Italian cuisine and attentive service,” said Ricky Lam, the executive assistant manager of the hotel’s Food and Beverage Department. “Whether you are thinking of a leisure get-together with close friends while watching the sun going down, or looking for a private escape for two while tasting wine at nightfall, we are dedicated to delivering engaging experiences where people can relax and connect.”

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