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Eating in Season: Coconut Hot Pot with Seasonal Fruits
Coconut hot pot is a dish originally from Hainan Province, and now this unique way of dining is quite popular throughout China.

Unlike the Chongqing hot pot with Sichuan pepper and chili, the coconut hot pot is served with fresh coconut water and several strips of white coconut in the soup base. It creates a burst of refreshing flavor, which is quite tasty, even during the burning summer in Guangzhou.


Chicken is the perfect match with coconut hot pot. Usually it comes as a package with the coconut water base. FYYZ. Coconut Chicken, a popular coconut hot pot restaurant recommended by local critics in Guangzhou, sells this dish for 158 RMB. Regarding the chicken, the restaurant uses only Wenchang chicken from Hainan Province. A three-minute hourglass placed next to the hot pot after the waiter drops the raw chicken into the boiling coconut water lets you know when it’s ready to eat.

You can eat the chicken with a customized sauce that you can make by using different condiments, such as red chili, sand ginger and green onion.

The thing is, chicken is not the best part of the hot pot. The broth is. It mixes the sweet taste of the coconut water with the savory taste from the chicken. Don’t miss this fabulous match if you are a soup lover. The locals love it. You know Cantonese just love to make soup.

If you want to try the coconut hot pot, it would be a good idea to go soon so you can catch seasonal fruits like litchi and longan, which the restaurant is now offering with its hot pot. The soup tastes fresher and sweeter with these fruits.

Apart from the coconut hot pot with chicken, the restaurant has many other options for foodies. Here are some other dishes recommended by local food critics.

Rice with preserved meats served in earthen pot

Wild rice peach syrup

Hand-made durian meatball, wasabi beef balls, hand-made crab meatballs

FYYZ. Coconut Chicken 凤园椰珍椰子鸡主题餐厅
(The menu has English description)

Address: 34, Tianhe South 2nd Road, Tianhe District (天河南二路34号)
Nearby Metro Station: Line 3, Shipaiqiao

Branch Address: 2nd floor, 475, Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District (环市东路475号东都大世界2楼)
Nearby Metro Station: Line 5, Zoo

(By Cassie Lin, Louis Berney)


Editor:Cassie Lin
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