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Five new malls to greet shoppers, foodies
Guangzhou, both a haven and a heaven for foodies and shoppers, will welcome another five large shopping malls over the coming months.


Guangzhou, both a haven and a heaven for foodies and shoppers, will welcome another five large shopping malls over the coming months.

Here’s a look at the five new entries into the nirvana that is Guangzhou’s mega-shopping universe.

K11 Art Mall Guangzhou

K11 Art Mall Guangzhou aims to forge the first interactive art complex, based on three core brand philosophies - art, humanity and nature. Here, you can buy luxury and famous brands, hang out at boutique supermarkets, watch movies in giant cinemas and experience an stage hanging in the air

Address: Canton East Tower, 5 Zhujiang Donglu, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe district
How to get there: Line 3 and 5, Zhujiang New Town Station, Exit B2
Opening date: June 2017

Starbay City

Starbay City, the first shopping center themed on a ferris wheel, will combine shopping, entertainment, dining, traveling, exhibitions and business. The cruise-themed pedestrian mall, hanging food garden, office buildings and swimming pool are going to be important parts of the 800,000-square-meter shopping center.

Address: Jianshe Dadao Zhong, Jinshazhou
How to get there: Line 1, then transfer to Bus Line Guang 205 at Chen Clan Academy Station.
Opening date: June 2017

M Park Plaza

Integrating humanity and fashion, M Park Plaza advocates that people slow down and enjoy life in a more relaxing state of mind. Its unique “urban farm” will help modern urbanites get a feel for returning to nature.

Address: Zhongshan Dadao Zhong, Tianhe district
How to get there: Line 5, Yuzhu Station, Exit C
Opening date: August 2017

Element 6 Recreational Experience District

Element 6 Recreational Experience District, located at Zhongzhou Trading Center, will become the first urban complex project in the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center area. With “better experience for children + cross-border e-commerce” as its theme, this district endeavors to build a shopping center characterized by the Pazhou exhibition environment.

Address: 1088 Xingang Donglu, Haizhu district
How to get there: Line 8, Pazhou Station, Exit D
Opening date: May 2017

Bai Yun Hui Plaza

Themed on the concepts of sea, land and air, Bai Yun Hui Plaza will be built into an innovative shopping center, integrating ecological experience, sightseeing, dining, culture, art, fashion and shopping.

Address: 88 Huangshi Lu, Baiyun district
How to get there: Line 2, Xiaogang Station, Exit B
Opening date: June 2017

(By Chris Wang, Louis Berney)

Editor:Joanna You
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