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Chimelong Hotel Launches Halloween Events and Mediterranean Gourmet Tour
Next to many theme parks of Chimelong Holiday Resort, Chimelong Hotel offers A series of packages and events for the coming Halloween!

Chimelong Hotel is situated in the middle of a forest of over a thousand acres, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next to many theme parks of Chimelong Holiday Resort such as the Water Park and the Safari Park, the hotel offers free shuttle buses running between different theme parks in the resort, much to the convenience of the traveling customers.

The White Tiger Buffet Restaurant

The White Tiger Buffet Restaurant of the hotel is hailed as the only restaurant in the city where customers can dine with white tigers and flamingos kept in the central garden of the hotel. The restaurant boasts 1000 seats in the spacious and comfortable dining hall and a vast selection of gourmet food from different countries and regions around the world.

Must-eat dishes of the White Tiger Restaurant

A series of packages and events are being offered by the hotel especially for the coming Halloween!

Sing Along Halloween Package, customers have access to

Halloween Cocktail Party at Lobby 2
Gloria KTV – the Chime Long Voice Halloween Party
Free Flow of Halloween Cocktail and Beer
One set of complimentary snack per table
Philippine Live Band's Performance

When: Oct. 31, 2013
Adult :RMB 398 /Pax
Child :RMB 268 /Pax

Halloween Super Competition, the rules are

The competition has two sections: Super Burger King for men and Organic Salad Queen for women.

Enrollment starts from 17:00 and ends at 18:15. Only 5 participants are accepted. First come, first serve.

Super Burger King starts at 18:30. Participants need to eat up the jumbo burger with 500 gram patties within 20 minutes. Whoever finishes the burger in the shortest time wins.

Organic Salad Queen starts at 19:00. Participants need to eat up the 500g salad within 15 minutes. Whoever finishes the salad in the shortest time wins.


The winner for each competition will receive a Kaka Stuff Toy and one dinner buffet coupon for the White Tiger Restaurant. The winner will enjoy a free dinner buffet at night of the day.

Note: Other participants except the winners still have to pay for the dinner buffet of the night. All the burger or salad consumed during the competition is free of charge.

When: Every Friday and Saturday from Oct. 15-31 (Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26, 31) and Halloween night

Breakfast: Adult:¥ 128 /Pax   Child:¥ 58/Pax
Lunch :  Adult:¥ 218/Pax   Child:¥ 148/Pax
Dinner:   Adult:¥ 298/Pax   Child:¥ 158/Pax

﹡Each customer will be charged 15% of tips.

Mediterranean Gourmet Tour

From Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2013, The White Tiger Restaurant offers you an exotic gastronomic tour covering gourmet cuisines fromMorocco, Greek, Italy, Spain, and other Mediterranean countries.

Weekday Price (Sunday – Thursday):
Breakfast: Adult:RMB 128//Pax   Child:RMB 58/Pax
Lunch :   Adult:RMB 198/Pax   Child:RMB 128/Pax
Dinner:   Adult:RMB 248/Pax   Child:RMB 138/Pax

Weekend Price (Friday, Saturday, and Holiday including National Day Holiday on 1-7 October, Trade Fair Period and Halloween from 15 October to 5 November):
Breakfast: Adult:RMB 128/Pax  Child:RMB 58/Pax
Lunch :  Adult:RMB 218/Pax   Child:RMB 148/Pax
Dinner:  Adult:RMB 298/Pax   Child:RMB 158/Pax

﹡Each customer will be charged 15% of tips.

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert)

Editor:Pan Hui
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