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Go sightseeing via Guangzhou-Lanzhou high-speed train
The direct high-speed train from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Lanzhou West Railway Station will be available in July.


The direct high-speed train from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Lanzhou West Railway Station will be available in July. The trip is about 10.5 hours; so Guangzhouers can eat wonton noodles for breakfast and enjoy authentic beef noodles by dinner time.

Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu province, is far away from Guangzhou. But it is also a hub city in the west of China.

July and August is the perfect time for travelling to the north and west of China because of the cooling weather. The Silk Road Post recommends some tourist sites and good food for you to make the most out of the new train route.

Tourist sites

Chaka Salt Lake

Chaka Salt Lake is located near Chaka township in Wulan county in the east of the Qaidam Basin of Northwest China's Qinghai province. The word "Chaka" means "salt lake" in Tibetan - but it has also earned the title “the Mirror of the Sky” by reflecting the azure sky and floating clouds, as well as having mountains in the distance.

The Yellow River

Lanzhou is the only provincial capital city with the Yellow River flowing through, which made it a hot spot on the ancient Silk Road. On the banks of the Yellow River is the longest riverside road in China, where you can admire the grand river. There are also many notable spots along the river, such as the First Bridge over the Yellow River, the Watermill Park, the sculpture of the Yellow River Mother, the White Pagoda Park and the Five-spring Mountain Park.

Gansu Provincial Museum

This museum has an intriguing collection of Silk Road artefacts with English descriptions, for example, the inscribed Han dynasty wooden tablets used to relay messages along the Silk Road. You can also admire the 'Flying Horse of Wuwei', the graceful Eastern Han (25 BC–AD 220) bronze horse galloping upon the back of a swallow in the museum.

Crescent Moon Spring

Crescent Moon Spring is six kilometers south of Dunhuang in the Singing Sand (Mingsha) Mountain and is literally an oasis in the desert. The spring’s name derives from the crescent moon shape the small pool of spring water has formed between two large sand dunes.

The desert poplar forests

The desert poplar forests are in Jinta county, Jiuquan in Gansu province. It is famous for the golden leaves and sunshine in autumn.


1.Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Lanzhou Beef Noodles, known as Lanzhou Lamian, enjoys a wide popularity in China and is also a favorite among the local people. The bowl of good quality noodles also features clear but sweet soup and garnishes, such as white radish, red pepper oil, green garlic sprout and coriander.

2.Hui Dou Zi

Hui Dou Zi is a sweet desert made from gray peas and red dates. When the juicy red dates are mashed into the gruel, you can smell a strong fragrance.

3.Gaosan Jiangrou

This is a special version of meat braised with soy sauce. The meat is carefully chosen and usually consists of a mix of pork skin, fat and lean meat. The meat is roasted and cut into strips. Then the strips are tied up together with cassia, pepper and cloves. It is worth all of the effort when you taste the soft and savory meat.

4. Fruit

Gansu province produce a variety of fruits in summer and autumn. There are as many as 50 species of melons and Hami melon being the most common one. Other delicious fruits include apricots, plums, mulberries, peaches, figs, grapes, pomegranates, apples and pears.

(By Annie Lee, Louis Berney)


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