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Best places for mountain climbing in Guangzhou
Close to Zhujiang New Town, the central part of Tianhe district, Huolu Mountain is a peaceful place to hike and spend a day with nature.


Huolu Mountain

Close to Zhujiang New Town, the central part of Tianhe district, Huolu Mountain is a peaceful place to hike and spend a day with nature. People can enjoy small waterfalls and springs on the way to the top of the mountain, which usually takes two hours at normal speed.

Location: Huolushan Beilu, Tianhe district, Guangzhou
Admission: Free
Tips: Carry ample water and drinks as there are not many shops available in the mountain.

Baiyun Mountain

As a household scenic spot in Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain attracts over 20 million visitors every year to take in its beauty. So it is common to see an endless stream of mountain climbers every day. Featuring towering trees, clear spring, singing birds, blooming flowers and mind-refreshing air, it is an excellent place to spend the weekend.

Location: Baiyun Dadao, Baiyun district, Guangzhou
Admission: 5 yuan
Tips: Make sure it is not a foggy day if you want to have a good view over Guangzhou city at the top of the mouatian.

Wangzi Mountain

Home to a vast variety of plant and animal species, Wangzi Mountain is a tranquil place for city dwellers to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Just 38 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou, mountain climbers can enjoy the primitive beauty.

Location: Timian town, Huadu district, Guangzhou
Admission: 30 yuan
Tips: Use bug repellent to avoid coming home covered in mosquitoes bites.

Lianhua Mountain

Consisting of 48 red hills, Lianhua Mountain was once an important navigation landmark for ships. On the top of the mountain stands Lianhua Pagoda, which was built in 1612 during the Ming Dynasty. Apart from mountain climbing, this place is equipped with all kinds of tourist facilities including BBQ, camping, horse riding and fishing.

Location: Shilou town, Panyu district, Guangzhou
Admission: 50 yuan
Tips: Since the mountain is pretty big, it usually takes four to five hours to finish the climbing. Be prepared for a day's outing to see everything.

(By Annie Lee, Louis Berney)
Editor:Joanna You
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