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Traveling Tips and Discounts around GZ in Spring Festival
During the spring festival of 2014, visitors to some of the tourist sites in the city can enjoy favorable discounts on admission or traveling fares. Check out the tourist sites we recommend to you.

Good news for travelers to Guangzhou! During the spring festival of 2014, visitors to some of the tourist sites in the city can enjoy favorable discounts on admission or traveling fares. Following are some of the sites covered by the discount campaign as well as traveling itineraries we recommend to you in accordance to the events held in those sites.

Historic Sightseeing - Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall

Traditional Architecture of Chinese Lingnan Style; Statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen
Discount: 20% off for admission

As one of the most famous landmark buildings in the city, Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall takes the credit for its remarkable architecture and symbol of people’s gratitude for Sun Yat-sen. Born a Cantonese, Dr. Sun was a revolutionist and leader of the 1911 Revolution which opened a new chapter for the Chinese’s fight against the decadent Qing government.

If you are looking for a historic immersion of local culture, there is no better place in Guangzhou than the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Archive of Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall
Admission fee:
RMB 10
Bus: 2, 27, 42, 56, 62, 74, 80, 83, 85, 133, 185, 204, 209, 224A, 224, 229, 261, 276, 283, 284, 289, 293, 297, 305, 518, 543 to Sun Yet- Sen Memorial Hall Stop
Metro : Exit C, Sun Yet- Sen Memorial Hall, Line 2 (地铁2号线中山纪念堂站C出口) 

Appreciating Flowers - South China Botanical Garden

peony flower exhibition
Discount: 25% off for admission of the garden; 20% off for admission of the Green House

Located in the subtropical region of the Northern Hemisphere, Guangzhou enjoys a moderate climate favorable to the thriving of various flowers and many kinds of green plants all year round. Thus Guangzhou is often referred to as “the city of flowers”. For the New Year of 2014, peony, dubbed “Queen of Flowers”, will come to the South China Botanical Garden, adding more beauty to city in winter. The peony exhibition in the garden will displays over 10,000 flowers of more than 80 species.

Peony is also a token for wealth and luck and thus bears auspicious significance during the traditional spring festival more than any other time of the year. Dear readers, how can you miss the chance to enjoy such gorgeous flowers in Guangzhou?

Admission fee: Ticket: Garden: 20 RMB
Green House: 50RMB
Hot line: 85232037
Bus: B12, 28, 30, 39, 84, 534, 535, 564, South China Botanical Garden Stop
Metro: Tianhe Coach Terminal Station, Line 3, transfer to the above buses (地铁3号线天河客运站,下车换乘公交)

Culture Experience - Lingnan Impression

Feature: architecture blocks of Lingnan style; Temple fair
Discount: 20 % off

Guangzhou is hailed “a business hub with over 2000 years’ of history”. The city is attractive not only for its role of financial center in South China but also for its tradition and customs passed down for long years. If you are looking for the “old Guangzhou”, Lingnan Impression may suit you well. The garden is well-known for its clustering of typical buildings of Lingnan style. The long Qingyun Alley (青云巷), Tanglong Door (strolling wooden door, 趟栊门),walls of oyster shells, windows of Manchuria style...are all accessible in the grand garden of Lingnan Impression.

During the spring festival, visitors can also enjoy a series of cultural events such as temple fair and the “3D horse walking”.

Archive of Lingnan Impression
Admission fee: 60RMB
Metro: Exit B, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre South Station, Metro line 4 (地铁4号线大学城南站B出口)
Free buses from the metro exit to the garden are provided on Saturdays and Sundays and on holidays.

Touching the Nature - Nansha Wetland Park

migrant bird
Discount : 20% off (from Jan.31-Feb. 6) ; RMB 130 for admission and cruise

The favorable geographic position of Guangzhou makes the city one of the most popular winter resorts for birds. Nansha Wetland is one of the best options for birds as well as for travelers who intend to get close to the nature.

According to statistics, Nansha Wetland is home to over 20,000 birds all year round. In winter, the park embraces as many as 110, 000 immigrant birds from the north. It has been found that over 152 species of birds living in the wetland, including many precious kinds with the highest class of national protection.

Admission fee: 50 RMB
Cruise fare: 100RMB
Bus: No. 1 or 2 to Xinken stop (新垦) or Baiwan Kuiyuan stop(百万葵园), transfer to Bus No. 11 to Nansha Wetland Park. Stop.
Metro: Jiaomen Station, Line 4, transfer to the above buses  (四号线蕉门站下,换乘以上公交)

Praying for Luck - Lianhua Mountain

Feature: statue of Kwan-yin, traditional events
Discount: 20% off

Although winter is not the best time to view Lotus in Lianhua Mountain, visitors to the tourist site during the spring festival could still to have a good time in its annual luck praying event. Lianhua Mountain is not only famous for the various kinds of Lotus flowers there but also for the magnificent statue of Kwan-yin, a god in Buddhism.

During the spring festival, the locals will go to the Lianhua Mountain, worshiping Kwan-yin and praying for good luck. Several thousands of red envelopes and packages of red rice will be given to the worshipers by “the god of wealth” for free. Receivers of the gifts are deemed to have good luck for the year to come.

Admission fee: 50 RMB
Bus : Shiqiao – Lianhua Mountain (市桥-莲花山)at Panyu Shiqiao Coach Station(番禺市桥汽车站)
Metro: Shiqiao Station, line 3 or line 4 to Shiji Station, Transfer the above buses at Panyu Shiqiao Coach Station(番禺市桥汽车站).

Enjoy the Night View - a Night cruise on the Pearl River

Feature: Night view on the riverside
Discount: 20% off

To enjoy the night view of Guangzhou, a night cruise on the Pearl River is one of the best options. As the mother river of Guangzhou, the Pearl River is not only beloved for its irreplaceable role in the locals’ heart but also for its fantastic night view on the riverside.

The cruises on the river depart in several different docks along the river and different types of ferry are available. Tianzi Dock (天字码头) has announced a discount on travel fares during the spring festival of 2014. Travelers booked tickets on line or by phone can enjoy the discount.

Ferries will be decorated in a festivity style. takers can watch excellent cultural performances while enjoying the reunion buffet with families on the eve of spring festival and have a chance to fetch the blessing red envelopes given by “Caishen”, god of wealth on the boat.

Archive of Tianzi Dock
020- 83332222
Website: www.
Bus: 1, 57, 64, 183, 194, 219, 281, 544



Editor:Jessie Huang
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