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Redtory – Rotting Factories Enfused with Cutting Edge Art and Design
There is a unique place where deserted factories have been transformed into a vibrant artistic zone. This is Redtory.

There is a unique place where deserted factories have been transformed into a vibrant artistic zone – where the city's tradition and heritage meet with cutting edge and diverse art and fashion. This is Redtory (红专厂).

Located at Yuancun Si Heng Lu (员村四横路), not far from the Pearl River of Guangzhou city, Redtory is a creative cultural and industrial zone made up of more than 30 old buildings -mostly red-brick ones. Back in 1956, it used to be the biggest canning factory in China. The factory produced the Can Dace with Black Bean Sauce (豆豉鲮鱼), an iconic food product in the last century, well-known throughout south-east Asia.

After the local government's industrial structure reformations, the canning factory moved away and the workshops were left deserted. There was nothing left but memories in well-preserved Soviet-style buildings.

 Past and present of Redtory

This building of typical red-brick serves as one of the galleries in the zone

Not long after the buzz of the running machines was gone, posters of advertisement and art were found hanging on the wall in the area.

To enrich the cultural and artistic life of the people in Guangzhou, the abandoned factories reopened in 2009–displaying art, fashion and culture of different forms. Redtory is home to more than 40 establishments including art galleries, themed restaurants and design studios. Large international cultural exchange activities, art exhibitions and seminars are often held here, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Meanwhile, waste materials have been used wisely instead of being thrown away. For instance, some installations standing around the area are made up of the decaying machines or components from the old canning factory.

Cute stuffed toys displayed in one of the  exhibitions held in the redtory.

A decaying machine stands as a installation in the Redtory

The shabby and nostalgic appearance combined with fashionable and artistic features renders Rectory uniquely charming. That may be the reason that Redtory is considered the holy land for young art-lovers in Guangzhou.

The nostalgic green iron widown against  the blooming red flowers

A studio for prêt-à-porter designs

The interior of a restaurant

No. 128 Yuancun Si Heng Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (天河区员村四横路128号)

Bus: Yuancun Er Heng Rd Stop 员村二横路站
40, 44, 140, 284, 293, 299, 401, 504, 540, 542, 583, 882

Yuancun Stop Terminal (Meilin Garden) 员村总站(美林花园)
B11, 243

Pazhou Bridge (North) Stop 琶洲大桥北站
137, 304, 564, B7, B25

Metro: Exit B, Yuancun Station, Line 5

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert, photo by Jessica Huang)

Editor:Pan Hui
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