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"God of Chenghuang Temple" Parades This Saturday
A majestic traditional parade will be held around the downtown Beijing Lu this Saturday (Feb.11).


A majestic traditional parade will be held around the downtown Beijing Lu this Saturday (Feb.11). As the most important part of the second Guangzhou Temple Fair, the parade team will surround the "God of Chenghuang Temple(城隍庙)," the city's guardian in the folk tale respectively for a two-hour carnival-like visit on the street.

The parade team has about 800 persons and is divided into ten squads. About one hundred persons in Han Costume (a kind of Chinese traditional costume in the old time) will form one group. Those from Singapore's Chenghuang Temple and Hong Kong's Taoist temple are also invited to join the parade.

Compared to the last year, the new statue of Chenghuang Temple god is one-quarter bigger in size. This year, the parade is supported by some foreign friends. Two American friends with a height of 1.9 meter have signed up to hold flag.

According to the officials, the parade begins at 9:30 am. The route starts from the Zhongyou Square(忠佑广场), via Zhongshan Si Lu (中山四路), Wende Road (文德路), Wenming Road(文明路),Beijing Road(北京路), Zhongshan Si Lu (中山四路), then return back to Zhongyou Square in the end.




(by Hong Cuiliu)

Editor:Jessie Huang
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