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Useful Tips to avoid Mosquito Bites
When filming outdoor, famous stars like Lin Miaoke, Zhang Yishan and Hai Qing posted on Weibo the photos of their legs or feet severely bitten by mosquitoes.


When filming outdoor, famous stars like Lin Miaoke, Zhang Yishan and Hai Qing posted on Weibo the photos of their legs or feet severely bitten by mosquitoes. Swellings on their legs look very horrifying and some of them were sent to hospitals, according to a report of Dongfang Toutiao.

It is getting hot in Guangzhou and mosquitoes begin to perk up. If you don’t want to be annoyed by the buzzing mosquitoes and have your spirits dampened because of the itching swellings like above stars do, Silk Road Post recommends some useful tips to avoid mosquito bites and relieve itching quickly.

Apply soybean oil on exposed skin (涂大豆油)

According to a research in the New England Journal of Medicine, mosquito repellents made from soybean oil is as effective as those made from chemical substances. Low cost and availability of soybean oil makes it a perfect choice to drive mosquitoes away. Applying soybean oil on exposed skin not only helps drive away mosquitoes but can also moisten the skin.

Bathe in warm water with star anise and fennel (八角茴香洗澡)

Put two star anises and two fennels, two kinds of condiments, into the warm water and use the water to wash your body, which can effectively avoid mosquito bites.

Wear light-colored clothes

Aedes, a black-and-white mosquito that can spread dengue fever, like staying on black clothes. So when you go outside, it's better to wear light-colored clothes which can drive away mosquitoes through reflecting power.

Use certain plants to drive away mosquitoes

Mosquitoes dislike the smell of some plants so that we can take advantage of this to drive away mosquitoes. For example, place dried orange peel wrapped by a piece of gauze in the corners of the house, which can keep away mosquitoes and freshen the air at the same time. Besides, you can also put garlic slices on the windowsill to keep mosquitoes outside the house.

Water mixed with soap shreds and washing powder to avoid mosquitoes

Just put a basin of water mixed with soap shreds and washing powder in the house and keep doing it every day, you will not have to use insect spray any more.

Use cooling oil or medicated oil skillfully

Dropping moderate medicated oil on the mosquito-repellent incense can make the burnt incense less choky. Or you can spray cooling or medicated oil on the mosquito net to further enhance mosquito-driving effect.

If you are unlucky to have been bitten by mosquitoes, here are some ways to quickly relieve itching.

1. Flick the swelling with your fingers, and then smear medicated oil on it;
2. Wash the swelling with saline water to soften the swelling bump;
3. Smear the swelling with a clove of garlic or aloe leaf;
4. Smear the water-dampened soap on the swelling.

(By Chris Wang, Louis Berney)
Editor:Joanna You
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