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How to Prevent Common Running Injuries
More than 30,000 running zealots descended upon Guangzhou to run in the 2016 Gaining great popularity, 2016 Guangzhou Marathon.

More than 30,000 running zealots descended upon Guangzhou to run in the 2016 Gaining great popularity, 2016 Guangzhou Marathon. The annual event was held on December 11. This was the fifth year Guangzhou has hosted the international marathon. with over 30,000 jogging zealots from home and abroad participated.

But uUnfortunately every year witnesses some running injuriesy during the processevent. This year, Aa senior participant over sixty years old was afflicted with developed a cerebral hemorrhagee, while two other runners suffered from suffered myocardial damage. and one is from Japan. So how on earth can we lessen our chance of injury and enjoy a long, happy, ice-pack-free running?

"A combination of things—for example, an anatomical issue plus a training error and the wrong shoes—can add up to injury," says Joseph Hamill, Ph.D., a biomechanist at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. But over the last decade, running science has shifted its focus from treatment to the prevention of injury.

Most experts agree that to lower injury risk, you need not a magic bullet but a loaded gun. One with a three-bullet chamber: a strong body, good form, and the right shoe. On the following pages, wWe take a closer look at each, offering exercises, form tweaks, and shoe advice that all runners can use to enjoy better running experience.

Add Strength

                                               Women perform yoga stretching(GuangzhouDaily)

In the battle against injury, a runner's best armor is a strong body. When a strong body runs, the brain tells the muscles to brace for impact before the foot hits the ground.

But if one stabilizer isn't strong enough or isn't recruited, other muscles get overworked, and the entire chain of movement is disrupted, says Eric Orton, a running coach featured in Born to Run.

Most runners lack strength in at least one muscle group, as well as in their neuromuscular pathways, the lines of communication between brain and body, says Jay Dicharry, M.P.T., the director of the REP biomechanics lab at Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend, Oregon. Strong pathways help muscles fire more efficiently and in quick succession, which enables you to run with greater control and stability.

Improve Your Form

             A female athlete takes the corner at the base of the 2016 International Vertical Marathon held in
                                                     Teem Tower on May 29. (GuangzhouDaily)

There is a right technique for running and experts say the way we run is individual, and messing with it invites injury.

1. Run with Ggood Postureposture

2. Swing Arms arms Efficientlyefficiently

3. Land Lightlylightly

4. Lead with Your your Hipships

5. Evaluate Your your Cadencecadence

6. Engage Your your Glutesglutes

Find the Right Shoes

Can a shoe help prevent injury?

"Shoes can reduce injury risk because they can alter your form and how the repetitive forces of running are applied to your body. For example, research shows that the firmness of shoe cushioning can influence the stiffness of your legs (i.e., amount of bend at the ankle, knee, and hip), which affects how forces impact your muscles, bones, and joints. " Said from Prter Larson,  Ph.D., associate professor of biology at Saint Anselm College, coauthor of Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury-Free Running, and author of Runblogger.

How do I know if I'm in the right shoe?

"You want a shoe that fits your biomechanics. Specialty-running-store assessments are helpful but not foolproof. My best advice is to go by comfort. If it doesn't feel good, it means it's putting stress somewhere you don't want it to. If you have aches and pains after you've run in a pair of shoes, it might be a sign you're in the wrong ones. If your shoe does feel good, it's likely a good one for you. " Said from BennoNigg,, Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, author of Biomechanics of Sports Shoes.

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