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Five Fitness Clubs Recommended to Shape up for the Summer!
To help you find a good gym near your home or work site, we recommend here five fitness clubs, each located in one of Guangzhou’s five major districts. Our recommendations are based on online grades of the clubs and costumer feedback.


Fighting body fat can be a protracted war. For those who want to keep healthy and stay in shape, a fitness club is a very helpful place to wage that war. It can provide a great variety of exercise equipment and instruction offered by professional trainers. To help you find a good gym near your home or work site, we recommend here five fitness clubs, each located in one of Guangzhou’s five major districts. Our recommendations are based on online grades of the clubs and costumer feedback.


The recommended clubs include not only comprehensive gyms with large-scale facilities and roomy space, but also exquisite fitness workshops that can offer you a private environment and refined instruction. A "beach body" can't be gained in one day. As the summer is just around the corner, let's grab some time to tone our muscles so we can embrace Guagzhou’s beautiful sunshine with fit and attractive bodies!



1、Panyu District


Good Feeling Fitness (Hongxi Mall Shop) 古德菲力健身会所(鸿禧商场店) 


Grade: Equipment - 8.1 | Environment - 8.1 | Service - 7.5


Guangzhou Good Feeling Fitness — founded in 2004 in Guangzhou with excellent quality products on an advanced brand management concept — has developed into a large-scale comprehensive fitness club. With complete air ventilation and air conditioning, Good Feeling Fitness has introduced South Korea’s President oxygen producing system (OXUS) and lots of international, top-level sports equipment, including Life Fitness, KEISER, CYBEX, PRECOR, and SPORTSTAR. Besides offering professional personal trainers and instructions teams, the fitness club also provides a wide range of group lessons, including aerobics, belly dance, yoga, pilates, zumba, boxing, body pump and spinning.


What have customers said?


- “The most upscale gym in Shiqiao, worthy of recommendation.” - “WEIDERHAOSON”


- “The fitness club has quite new equipment, roomy environment, a good location easy to find, patient instructors and clean shower room. Only negative is that the salesman here is not that efficient.” - “林13416246480”


- “Very good environment and equipment. Every time I can use the equipment I want to use without waiting. But the annual card costs more than 4000 RMB, a little bit expensive.” - “我吃吃吃吃吃继续吃”


Opening time: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., from Monday to Sunday



Location: Floor 5, Hongxi Mall, No. 281, Guangming North Road, Shiqiao, Panyu District, Guanghzhou (番禺区市桥光明北路281号鸿禧商场5楼)

Nearby Metro: Line 3, Shiqiao Station, Exit A



2、Haizhu District


Insist Fitness (In Fit健身运动中心)

Star: 4.5/5

Grade: Equipment - 8.8 | Environment - 8.8 | Service - 9.0


Insist Fitness is a professional sports training center emphasizin fitness, shaping, physical training and exercise rehabilitation. Rather than a large-scale chain gym, Insist Fitness is more like a comparatively small but fully equipped fitness workshop providing customers more refined training instruction and physical assessment. To join this fitness club, people only need to pay for the specific classes they want to take part in without purchasing a membership card first. The classes include two major categories, private lessons and small group lessons. The group lessons are limited to three to five participants to guarantee that enough attention is paid to each customer. As for the private lessons, Insist has five trainers, two of whom have acquired the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Certification Personal Training (NSCA-CPT).


What have customers said?


- “Definitely five stars. Unconsciously I have insisted in working out here for half a year. Following the schedule made by my trainer who is very professional, I’ve been much stronger in shape and my physical agility and stamina have also enhanced a lot. Very very satisfying.” - “胆固醇panda”


- “Compared with traditional gyms, the environment here can give me more freedom and human touch. In addition, a very good point is that there is no hard sell here.” - “yucat”


- “The equipment and service are all fantastic! And the instructor Mark is very handsome!!!” - “yvonnebb917”


Opening time: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m., from Monday to Sunday

Tel: 18688432520

Wechat account: infitsport

Location: Floor 3, Sunny Commercial Plaza, No.168, Cuibao Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou(海珠区翠宝路168号洋光商贸广场(翠城花园3号门旁)3楼(翠城花园))

Nearby Metro: Line 8, Baogang Dadao Station, Exit D



3、Liwan District


King Power(King Power健身私教工作室)

Star: 5/5

Grade: Equipment - 8.5 | Environment - 8.4 | Service - 9.0


Similar to Insist Fitness, King Power is a fitness workshop with not a lot of space - about 100 square meters - but with well-equipped facilities, refined instruction and greater privacy. One difference is that although possessing small group classes as well, King Power concentrates more on one-to-one personal training. Converted from a private residence, this fitness workshop consists of three areas - one storage room/dressing room, one bathroom and one fitness district where all equipment is. It provides different services - muscle enhancement, fat reduction, physical fitness promotion, cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra rehabilitation, posture correction and postpartum recovery - and various training programs, including apparatus training, HIIT, TRX, CROSSFIT, UFC and martial arts training. The four personal trainers here, three males and one female, have earned great reputations, according to customers’ online comments. They don’t only patiently provide guidance and correction of movements, but they also design detailed personal diet and training programs for every customer. They also offer encouragement and natural programs during the entire training process.


What have customers said?


- “Very positive experience. The trainers here are very professional, patient and friendly. A good place for fitness enthusiast.” - “风云007007”


- “Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs. The types of equipment here are very rich. And I enjoy a lot the privacy here. There are not miscellaneous and idle people here; everybody is concentrating on his/her own training. One point is that although, honestly, due to the space limitations, the number of pieces of equipment is not many, I think they are still enough for a private fitness workshop because usually not many people come here at the same time.” - “kerry_1060”


- “I just came here here once to keep my friend company, but I already decided to join the fitness club myself! All is quite good, except for the location that is not very easy to find.” - “babylmy”



Opening time: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., from Monday to Sunday

Tel: 13143788678

Wechat account: king20130130


Location: Room 1813, Middle tower, Longjin Mansion, No.777, Longjing East Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou (荔湾区 龙津东路777号龙锦大厦中塔1813房(荣华楼对面))

Nearby Metro: Line 1, Chen Clan Academy Station, Exit A



4、Tianhe District


Orange Fitness(Orange健身)

Star: 4/5

Grade: Equipment - 8.8 | Environment - 8.7 | Service - 8.5


Located in Zhujiang New Town, Orange Fitness aims to provide pleasant, effective and professional fitness experience for the urbanite. To build a delightful sport space of high quality and unique personality, Orange made its decorative styles diverse, trendy and beautifully chromatic, which has become a distinctive attraction point here. Well-equipped physical training area, roomy aerobic training room, multifunctional gymnastic zone, comfortable and clean leisure and changing area, besides all this, there is even a small bar in this fitness club, where you can buy drinks and simple meals at reasonable prices to get your energy replenished after exercise. Orange Fitness provides a wide range of group classes, such as yoga, ball yoga, aerobics, lyengar, TRX, bodyblance, bodycombat, bodypump, zumba, belly dance, pilates and ballet. Hot yoga and fly yoga are also included for VIP classes. Orange has a dozen trainers, 10 of whom have gained different international certificates, and one of whom - Raj - comes from India and teaches yoga in English.



What have customers said?


- “It’s an enjoyment of not only body, but also eyes to work out here. I joined Raj’s fly yoga class, where I got excellent experience following his teaching that proceeded in an orderly and step-by-step way. Anyway, a very good fitness club in both aesthetic and functional way.” - “dorothyfcn”


- “Every corner is very clean and new, including the changing area, where I found a sauna room, hair dryers, and even free clean towels! Besides, the best thing for me is the classes are in a big gymnastic zone. They are very interesting and of high quality!” - “*Winnie*_8679”


- “The facilities are new and have good quality. Sellers and trainers are divided, which avoids hard sell during the training process. Just one negative - a little far from the metro station.” - “一击男”



Opening time: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m, from Monday to Sunday

Tel: 020-88830912

Wechat account: Orange橙健身

Location: 1-302, South Area, Poly Plaza, No.9, Huaqiang Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (天河区 珠江新城华强路9号保利克洛维时光里商场南区—302)

Nearby Metro: Line 3, Tiyu Xilu Station, Exit G



5、Yuexiu District


Olopo Fitness Club (Yuexiu Middle Road Shop)(奥龙堡运动俱乐部(越秀中路店))

Star: 4/5

Grade: Equipment - 7.5 | Environment - 7.5 | Service - 7.6


About a seven-minute walking distance from the metro station, Olopo was established in 2002 as a large-scale comprehensive community fitness club. The most distinctive advantage for Olopo should be its multi-functional offerings. Besides working out at the gym on the third floor, you can also find a table tennis room (1/F), a badminton court (3/F) and even an indoor heated natatorium (2/F) with standard lanes. For the swimming pool, a swimming cap is necessary to get into the water. A sauna is also included in this club, which opens all day on weekends but is available only in the evening on weekdays. For the third-floor gym, although without a high-grade decoration, it still provides complete and essential equipment that is in good condition, a yoga room, a gymnastics area and a small but clean shower and changing room. As the price of a monthly card is only 170 RMB, Olopo Fitness Club's good cost performance has been praised by many customers, which, however, also leads to a large number of people exercising here every day. Some waiting time is to be expected, especially when you want to use the most popular apparatus, such as treadmills.


What have customers said?


- "This gym provides a wide range of choices for different classes, and I especially like to join the dance classes here. We many people were dancing together following the instruction of the teacher, with lively music playing. I felt very happy!" - "JTBonCh"


- "A good location and popular prices. The equipment is also relatively complete, but the people are a little bit too many and the treadmills are not enough." - "鬼佬K"


- "The best thing is that they possess the badminton court and the swimming pool. Along with the gym itself, I can even spend a whole day here. The environment is also clean with good aeration condition. Although there are still flaws, considering its price, the gym is good enough." - "_easy姐"


Opening time: 6 a.m - 10 p.m., from Monday to Sunday

Tel: 020-83816339 020-83812126

Location: No.147-149, Yuexiu Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou(越秀区 越秀中路147-149号(近广实))

Nearby Metro: Line 1, Peasant Movement Institute Station, Exit B


(By Lancer Lan, Louis Berney; Photos are from Internet)

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