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Challenge Yourself with an Adventure Sport
Guangzhou gets you some nice spots to challenge yourself to adventure spots. Grab a friend and have some fun this weekend.


Karting is a variant of open-wheel motorsport with small, four-wheeled vehicles variously called karts, go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts, depending on the design. They are usually raced on scaled-down circuits. Karting is commonly perceived as a stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports and is a high-intensity sport. The time for a round is about 7-8 minutes. Just put on a helmet, clench the steering wheel — and YOU will be a racer! Feel the speed and passion on the track with simple operations. Challenge your friends here and see who’s the real racing pro.

Address: third floor, building A, Ruishun industrial district, Dashi section No.591, China national highway 105, Dashi Town 大石镇105国道大石段591号睿顺工业园内A栋3楼
Price: 68 RMB (GX-200CC karting for 7 minutes)
Phone: 020-34329787 020-84121809

Address: Yuncheng West Road No.9 云城西路西侧自编9号(距飞翔公园站约749米)
Price: 78 RMB (230cc karting for 8 minutes)
Phone: 18011984811

Address: Jianshe North Road No.225 建设北路225号威曼斯夜总会侧直入200米
Price: 70 RMB (10 minutes)
Phone: 020-86972728

Bungee Jumping

The Baiyun mountain bungee platform is located at the edge of the cliff beside the step ladders on Baiyun Mountain. The distance between the platform and valley floor is 45 meters. There is a 400 square-meter pool in the valley. Most beginners would choose to strap their waists, which is acceptable and not too scary. If you are a bold person who likes to challenge yourself, it would be great to strap your feet and jump upside-down, which definitely gives you a thrill. Double bungee jumping allows two people to jump at a time on the premises, as long as at least already has experience bungee jumping. After your jump, you will receive a certificate for “bravery.”

Venue: Baiyun Mountain Bungee Platform
Address: Baiyun Mountain 白云山内
Price: 240 RMB (30 RMB for 30 photos, 60 RMB for 1 CD)
Phone: 020-37229871-2272

Ice Skating

Ice skating offers good aerobic training. It will build up your endurance and leg muscles, and it will burn calories. It has many health advantages, much like any aerobic training. But it’s different from other training in that it can be more interesting. Also, it’s a winter sport, but you can do it all year long. Skating is really pleasant and helps you relax and rest from your everyday problems. You can take your whole family skating or you can invite friends to join you. It’s really a great way to combine leisure with activity!

Address: fifth floor, Grandview Mall 正佳广场5楼
Price: 50 RMB for 2 hours (on weekdays), 55 RMB for 2 hours (on weekends), 78 RMB for unlimited time
Phone: 020-38330966


No fancy excuses or rationalization here, shooting sports are just plain fun (at least to some folks). Whether shooting inside, using your BB or pellet gun, or outside plinking at cans, target shooting, or cowboy action shooting, it can be a great activity. However, as important as words are to good communication, the "fun" element of shooting sports cannot fully be described. It must be experienced! So, grab a friend and visit the closest shooting range and "taste and see" for yourself.

Address: Yiheng Road No.6, Baishan village, Taihe Town 太和镇白山村大禾坪一横路6号白山村
Price: 320 RMB for a set of 50 bullets
Phone: 020-29109528


Archery is an inclusive sport that allows you to participate at whichever level you choose -whether it's pitted against yourself as you try to improve your score at a particular distance or in competition with archers of varying abilities and experience, some of whom may have represented their countries at the international level.

Address: Forth Floor, Sports Center, Haizhu District, Zhongkai Road No.628 仲恺路628号海珠区体育中心1号电梯4楼
Price: 63 RMB for 4 sets of arrows (recurve bow)
Phone: 13642792781

Address: Fourth floor No.411, Qiaofu Mansion, Jinshazhou 金沙洲中海金沙湾正门斜对面乔富大厦4楼411
Price: 59.8 RMB for 2 people (group purchase price)
Phone: 020-89374270

Address: Third floor No. 301, Pingkang Road No. 153 平康路153号3楼301单位(汇珑新天地)
Price: 25 RMB for 2 sets of recurve bows
Phone: 020-23882982

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is awesome. It's a lot of fun while being challenging, it offers great exercise, and it is rewarding. It can be a great hobby too! Rock climbing is physically and mentally demanding and often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance, along with mental control. It can be a dangerous activity, and knowledge of proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized climbing equipment is crucial for the safe completion of routes.

Address: badminton gym, first printing and dyeing mill, Xingang middle Road No.489
Price: 23 RMB for an hour
Phone: 020-29075889 / 13512750411

Address: East gym,Wushan Campus of South China University of Technology
Price: 40 RMB for an hour
Phone: 13826454751


(By Ke Yijun, Louis Berney)

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