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Six Great Locations for Those Who Love Jogging
Raring for a run in Guangzhou? Get jogging with the six best places in Guangzhou.

Luhu Park
Distance: about 3.5 km

Situated to the north of Guangzhou’s city center and near the southern foothills of Baiyun Mountain, Luhu Park, meaning "Lake at Foothill,” has long been hailed as an oasis for city residents. At 2.5 million square meters, one-tenth of the park is covered by wetlands, while hills and grassland cover another 10,000 square meters.

Ersha Island
Distance: about 4 km

Ersha Island is in the center of the Pearl River and located between Guangzhou Bridge and Haiyin Bridge. It has 290,000 square meters of green area and a 4 km green way. As Xinghai Concert Hall is located on Ersha Island, sometimes you can enjoy beautiful melodies while you are running.

University Town
Distance: 4 km (inner circle) 16.5 km (outer circle)

Guangzhou University Town is located on Xiaoguwei Island in Southeast Guangzhou. It features 10 higher education institutions. The overall length of the outer circle of University Town is about 16.5 km, which is nearly one third of a full marathon. It is an ideal place for marathon training.

South China Agricultural University
Distance: about 10 km

South China Agricultural University (SCAU) is located in the Wushan area of Tianhe District. Regarded by many as the most beautiful university in Guangdong, South China Agricultural University has over 5,000 bauhinia trees, making it a particularly attractive site during the blossoming season. This beautiful campus the favorite spot for many runners. It is a perfect place for long slow distance.

East Binjiang Road
Distance: about 7 km


One of the best times for running is in the morning. Running along the East Binjiang Road, enjoy the Pearl River in the morning — it’s sure to perk up your day.

Haizhu Lake
Distance: about 2.6 km

Haizhu Lake is the second largest artificial lake in Guangzhou. The park does not allow bicycle riding, which makes it safer for running or jogging. It is such a pleasant experience to run along the lake while listening to music played in the park.

(By Cassie Lin, Louis Berney)

Editor:Vita Lin
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