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How to keep the house dry in humid weather
After several days of winter-like temperatures, the annual annoyingly wet and warm weather is about to consume Guangzhou.

After several days of winter-like temperatures, the annual annoyingly wet and warm weather is about to consume Guangzhou. The Guangdong Meteorological Observatory advises that the humidity and temperature will increase beginning March 10.

This damp weather is a typical meteorological phenomenon in Guangdong province every March and April. The warm and wet wind from the South China Sea meets the cold air from the north, leading to warm and humid weather with rain and fog in the province.

The humidity will make you feel sticky and the windows, furniture and floor will “sweat.” Also the moisture can cause mold — sometimes toxic — to grow on walls, fabric and furniture, which can eventually lead to rotting. To combat the wet weather and make your life more comfortable, here are some suggestions.

Close doors and windows

Close the windows, especially those facing south and southeast, to keep out the dampness, even on sunny days. The humidity in the morning and night is higher than in the noon, so if you do not shut windows right away, moisture will penetrate into every corner of your house.

Use salt

Add some salt to warm water (40 degrees Celsius is ideal) when sweeping the floor, as the salt can enhance the evaporation of water to keep the floor dry.

Use newspapers

You can spread newspapers on the floor to prevent moisture after sweeping. Meanwhile, the smell of newspapers ink has the effect of a repellent.

Use digital dehumidifiers

Digital dehumidifiers make another great weapon for the wet weather.

Turn on hot heater fan
If your house is too humid, a hot heater fan will help circulate the wet air and also works a great mechanism to keep your clothes dry.

Light candles

Candles can prevent water condensing to reduce indoor dampness and also can help remove mildew from the room.

(By Penny Liu, Louis Berney)

Editor:Joanna You
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