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At GIVES we believe that education changes an individual’s life, and as a result of those changes the individual has the ability to make a positive contribution to their own community.

GIVES Sponsored Students: This year a number of students have graduated from university courses. A student from Meishan has graduated in Music (Piano Tuning), a student from Deqing has graduated in Music education, a student from Maoming has graduated in Art and Design and a student from Hunan has graduated in Engineering Quality Control. Another young women sponsored by GIVES has graduated from Junior High School. A number of other GIVES sponsored students are continuing their studies at schools and tertiary institutions in Guangdong.

Training Initiative: GIVES wants to initiate beneficial relationships between the expatriate community and the local people of Guangdong Province through education projects. At a recent GIVES/Utahloy International School joint seminar on Mental Health, GIVES Director and the Director of the Utahloy Education Foundation, launched the establishment of a training initiative involving expatriate teachers and teachers from schools in Guangdong. The objective of this initiative is to encourage the exchange of skills and knowledge between the expats and locals. We look forward to working with these two groups in the near future.

GIVES continues its support for needy medical cases referred by GIVES partners, including local hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

In a recent case, (ongoing for the past three years), a GIVES sponsored individual treated at a local hospital, has undergone a series of operations. She has been motivated, throughout this period, to become an ambassador for GIVES and has achieved this through the provision of support, friendship and encouragement to other patients at the hospital.

GIVES is extremely grateful to the hospital and its staff, without whose support the patient would not have been able to cope with the difficult treatment she is still undergoing.

GIVES will continue its medical support through the development of music and art outreach programmes in hospitals, using GIVES volunteers.


GIVES believes that every individual has potential value. For the physically less privileged, GIVES has developed projects to encourage independence, including through the provision of artificial limbs, skills workshops and employment opportunities.

During this period, 15 children from Huiling Homes for the Handicapped have been sponsored for the provision of artifical limbs. . Another 10 children are being given physiotherapy training. These funds are generously donated by GWIC members and other organisations in response to appeals from GIVES Handicapped Coordinator Mrs. Neelam Gupta


. Orthopedic Shoes Workshop
Three apprentices recently passed with credit in exams on othopedic shoes production. The Centre has provided customised shoes to 50 clients with satisfaction. There is an ongoing demand for orthopedic shoes and GIVES is currently recruiting more apprentices for this work. GIVES Project Directors Peter Tsang and Kenneth Wong continue to commit regular time and expertise in the ongoing development of this project.

. Centre for authistic children
We can report that the Autistic Centre is making very good progress. The Centre has received overwhelming support from local experts and visiting specialists from Hong Kong. Over 40 children are now attending the Centre and due to this increasing demand GIVES is considering expansion and the development of a second centre in the near future.

A 12 seater van has kindly been donated by GIVES volunteer Richard McCollum for use by the Autistic Centre.


. Deqing - Development of new Rehabilitation Centre.
. Shunde - Skills Development Programs
. Shunde – Part sponsorship and design of a new Orphanage
. GIVES-Guangzhou Community Service Centre
. ‘A Glimpse of Guangzhou’ photo book

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