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Interview with French Pop Singer Joyce Jonathan
Recently, Life of Guangzhou had a chance to interview the French Pop singer, Joyce Jonathan, to find out more about her songs and her life.

Joyce Jonathan is one of France’s first major singer/songwriters to ride the Internet to fame. She performed in concert at the Guangzhou Performing Arts Theater on May 26. Before the show, Life of Guangzhou had a chance to interview her to find out more about her songs and her life. 

Q - You recorded four songs in Chinese in your previous album, so will you launch more songs in Chinese in the future?
J - Yes, sure, I will. I like Chinese, and love to use Chinese singing. And there are two Chinese songs in my new album. 

Q-In you new album, you sing the song ‘Sans Toi’ together with Chinese singer Qu Wanting. How do you feel about collaborating with her? Will you try to work with other Chinese singers in the future? 
J- Qu Wanting is one of my favorite Chinese female singers, and I love her voice. We have  a good harmony since the song is half French and half Chinese. And during our time together, I met Shang Wenjie, so yes, I hope I can sing with more Chinese singers in the future.  

Q- In 2015, your new song, “Le Bonheur,” had the lyrics, ‘Happiness is not the goal but the means / Happiness is not the fall but the path.” Could you share the story behind these words?
J- I think happiness is living in the present, enjoying every moment and not worrying too much about what will happen tomorrow. One morning, I felt so proud of myself and I loved the moment I was living in. At that time I felt extremely good and happy. And then I created this song. 

Q - Have you been to Guangzhou before? How do you feel about Guangzhou as a city?
J - This is my first time come to Guangzhou, and I love the city and its food. I have eaten tofu and yu-shiang eggplant casserole for my lunch. They are both very good. And also I love the temperature here, hot but comfortable.

(By Penny Liu, Louis Berney)

Editor:Cassie Lin
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