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City Buses Use Flowers to Promote Socialist Values
To promote socialist values to citizens in Guangzhou, authorities are decorating city buses with patriotic themes symbolized by various kinds of flowers.

To promote socialist values to citizens in Guangzhou, authorities are decorating city buses with patriotic themes symbolized by various kinds of flowers. The flowers, including kapoks, pink bauhinia, bougainvillea, magnolias, lotuses, daffodils, lilies and frangipanis, are meant to symbolize values such as patriotism, harmony, professional dedication, civilization, law, integrity, prosperity and equality. The bus painting campaign, known as Guangzhou Loving Buses, is part of a national program aimed at spreading positive social energy, especially to boost model worker spirits, according to officials.

Leaders of the Municipal Committee’s Publicity Department, the Civilization Office and the Transportation Committee announced the program yesterday and said flower-decorated buses are now rolling on the city’s streets and that a second batch of vehicles will be joining them.

Buses with kapok flowers present the story of Xiang Xiuli, who was honored as one of the 100 “people who moved China” since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. A loving harmony-themed bus is decorated with bauhinia, presenting the story of Li Yuzhi, the 5th nationwide moral exemplar, and can be ridden in Haizhu District. A loving dedication-themed bus, decorated with bougainvillea, illustrates the story of Du Anchun, an ordinary bus driver who was a model laborer in Guangdong province. Another bus, promoting loving civilization, is adorned with magnolias and tells the stories of 1.46 million volunteers in Guangzhou.

The buses are adorned not only with flowers but also with portraits of different model workers, thus connecting social values with moral exemplars.

The Loving Bus activity will run through the remainder of the year.

Yesterday’s announcement marked the launch of the second batch of loving buses.

One official leading the project said, “Guangzhou’s bus authority is trying to build a demonstration route for loving buses, including improving hardware devices like bus dispatching, bus quality and condition and promoting drivers’ service. Besides, relevant departments joins hand with communities along the route, as well as social service organizations, to recruit volunteers from the public. By creating this mobile carriage into a platform from which citizens can learn and conduct socialist core values, Guangzhou’s government is able to spread positive energy and stimulate enterprises’ sense of responsibility.”

(By Zoe Xu, Chris Wang, Louis Berney)

Editor:Chris Wang
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