HD Photos: Lantern Festival
HD Photos: Lantern Festival
Guangzhou presents various activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival (元宵节), an important festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The activities last for a week.


(Photos by Luo Changwei, Mo Weinong and Huang Chengfeng/Guangzhou Daily)

Editor:Lynus Tan
Local Fashion Brand Kicks Off Shopping Week Local Fashion Brand Kicks Off Shopping Week
Local fashion brand Fairwhale held a fashion show on September 24 to mark the opening of the brand's big sale week until October 7.
Football-themed Wedding Football-themed Wedding
On July 12, a total of 11 couples from the Sun Yat-sen University held a football-themed wedding at Canton Tower. They wore jerseys of different World Cup teams and made interesting wedding vows based on some rules of football.
"Chubby Ladies" Statues Meet Londoners
Unlike the other Chinese artists or Chinese paintings, sculptor Xu Hongfei works with female subjects engaged in the activities of daily life -riding bicycle, running, flying, kissing and even holding their friends and lovers.
HD Photos: DIY Mooncake Workshop HD Photos: DIY Mooncake Workshop
Lifeofguangzhou.com held a charity mooncake workshop with Dayoo.com on August 31. Many fans of the two websites attended the event and they enjoyed very much in making mooncakes under the guidance of the experienced chef.
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