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Cycling on Behalf of Children’s Eyesight
AccorHotels recently announced that it raised 600,000 RMB from a charity cycling event aimed at helping children in rural China regain their eyesight.

AccorHotels recently announced that it raised 600,000 RMB from a charity cycling event aimed at helping children in rural China regain their eyesight.

The three and a half day ride crossed 350 kilometers of often rough terrain from Pullman Zhuhai to the Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich hotel. On the third day, the team of cyclists visited Sihui Hospital to better understand how the fund-raising will be used to support a blindness prevention program sponsored by Orbis, an international organization devoted to fighting blindness.


The 600,000 RMB will be used to subsidize various projects run by Orbis for children in rural China.

Orbis is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works in developing countries to save sight worldwide. Orbis prevents and treats blindness through hands-on training, public health education, improved access to quality eye care, and partnerships with local health care organizations in an effort to eliminate avoidable blindness.

“The initiative raises the awareness and importance of giving these children living in rural China hope in regaining their eyesight and to educate them on eye care for their future,” said Michel Molliet, chief operating officer, AccorHotels Greater China. “I want to express my gratitude to all the riders, organizers and sponsors who made this event successful. This campaign also reinforces our commitment to local communities through the Stay for Brightness program in partnership with Orbis.” Stay for Brightness is part of the hotel group’s corporate responsibility initiative.

Approximately 1.4 million children aged 15 or under worldwide are deprived of the chance for a meaningful future because of blindness. Half of them are easily curable. “At Orbis, we’ve made it our mission to open these children’s eyes to the beauty of the world and give them a chance of a productive life,” explained Mary Lau, director of development, Orbis China and Hong Kong.

“And we are so grateful for having corporations like AccorHotels join force with us and help bring hope of sight for countless thousands more preventably blind children”.

Since June 2014, AccorHotels Greater China and Orbis have collaborated on Stay for Brightness to develop quality ophthalmological services that are accessible and affordable for underprivileged children in rural China.


Corporate sponsors for the cycling event included Athena Hotelware, Coca Cola, Hong Kong Airland Group, Metro, Ming Fai Group, Penfolds, Standard Textile and Summergate, with additional assistance from Active Lifestyle, FitTeam, InsiderTV, International SOS, Jakroo, Kandall Jackson, SealedAir and Trek.

(By Joanna You, Louis Berney)

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