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Q&A: Fencing in Guangzhou
Where to find a place to do fencing in Guangzhou?

hello, my name is brittany and i am from america.i might be going to guangzhou in sept or so but i wanted to know if there were any fencing clubs there before i made my decision. please let me know :) i miss my favorite sport

Brittany Caraway

Answer from

Dear Brittany,

Thank you for your email! We have found the 128 Fencing Club for you.

The club is located in Redtory, Yuancun 4th Road of Tianhe District (天河区员村四横路红专厂). It provides fencing courses and strips to rent.

The cost of fencing courses is RMB 1,500 for 10 lectures. The lectures are normally held in Mondays to Fridays after 5pm and the daytime of Saturdays and Sundays.

The strips are available to rent when there is no lecture held, for RMB 100 per hour. The club closes at 11:30pm.

It is better to book the strip beforehand. Please contact the club's tutor Mr Jiang at (8620) 3703 9983 or (86) 135 7020 8234.

Best wishes,
Lynus Tan 

Editor:Jessie Huang
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