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Making Zong Zi with Guangzhou Restaurant Chef
On Saturday May 24, would like to invite some foreign friends to join us in making Zong Zi at Guangzhou Restaurant!

On Saturday May 24, would like to invite some foreign friends to learn to make Zong Zi at Guangzhou Restaurant! Zong Zi is a kind of sticky rice dumpling eaten to celebrate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. On that day, a practiced chef from Guangzhou Restaurant, one of the leading brands of its kind, will guide you through the whole process of constructing this traditional Cantonese cuisine. Come and join the DIY event and enjoy the meaty, tender, and tasty dish!

Date and Time

10:30am-11:40am, Saturday, May 24,  2014


Guangzhou Restaurant


6th floor, Pearl River International Textile City, No. 464-466, Yijing Lu West, Haizhu District, Guangzhou



Exit D, Sun Yat-sen University Station, Line 8



How to join

Sending an email to Include your name, nationality and
contact details in the email. We will reply to confirm your registration ASAP.

About the festival and Zong Zi

June 2 this year is the Dragon Boat Festival according to the Chinese traditional calendar. Besides holding Dragon Boat races, Chinese people also celebrate by making Zong Zi.

Zong Zi is a unique Chinese food made of sticky rice and other ingredients, wrapped in bamboo leaves to make the shape of triangular pyramid. There are many flavors of Zong Zi with different ingredients in Guangdong. Among them, one of the most popular tastes is pork and dried seafood.

The selection of ingredients in making Zong Zi needs particular attention. It requires the best part of pig in which the muscle and the fat are in the perfect proportion. Add a slice of premium ham to cater to both your teeth and taste buds with its exquisite texture and rich flavor. There is sure to be a lot of treasure to hunt – a preserved egg yolk, a pick of dried shrimps, dried scallops and winter mushroom bits –see if you can find them all! They are all hidden in the sticky rice and wrapped in some bamboo leaves. After hours of steaming, the smell of fresh leaves is absorbed by the rice and other ingredients, and the whole Zong Zi is ready to eat.

(By Vita Lin, Ian Heuer)

Editor:Vita Lin
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