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The Maritime Silk Road: a Bond between China and the World

Formed in Qin and Han Dynasties, the Maritime Silk Road is a sea lane in ancient times between China and the rest of the world for economic and cultural exchanges.
Blossoming of Chinese Culture along the Maritime Silk Road

Born in the west coast of Guangdong Province, I was brought up by the gentle wind and endless waves of South China Sea, constantly surrounded by the salty taste of the ocean.
Recollection of the Maritime Silk Road

Dreaming in that immemorial reminiscence, noon at Quanzhou, I see countless vessels coming from afar the frontier of the western Han Dynasty.
Achieving China’s Dreams of the Great Road

About two thousand years ago, the Great Road, the Maritime Silk Road, which started from the southeast coastal regions in China, crossed the Indian Ocean and eventually arrived in East Africa and Europe, was established in Qin and Han Dynasties.
Silk Road of the Sea for the Trade

As is known to all, China, with a large territory and a huge population, is advancing at an unprecedented speed in the over-modernized world. To some degree, why China has strengthened dramatically is undoubtedly due to the trade.
An Encounter with Nanhai No.1

Watching the documentary about Nanhai No.1 - the 800-year-old wrecked ship as a witness for the maritime trade in the Southern Song Dynasty, I was irresistibly overwhelmed
Chronicles of the Maritime Silk Road

Have you ever think of why the Maritime Silk Road is so important that Chinese pay great attention to it even in the 21st century? What has it brought to people in the world?
Education of the Silk Road, Carrying the Dream

The “Silk Road”, originated in ancient China, was a commercial and trade route linking the ancient continent of Asia, Africa and Europe. The Silk Road has carried out the culture and people’s dream.
The Dream of Sea, the Road of Silk

The Maritime Silk Road, originated from the ancient China in the Han Dynasty, is a trade route between China and the Mediterranean.
Maritime Silk Road-The Material and Cultural Exchange Road

As we all know, Maritime Silk Road refers to the ancient China and the rest of the world economic and cultural exchanges through the sea channels.
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The Silk Road Post
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