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A Commemorative Diary

My Chinese Dream is to be an innovative and productive individual by achieving my ambition of becoming an excellent certified public accountant.
Engrave the History and Revitalize our Motherland

Since “what we do today determines what we will be tomorrow”, we should make every endeavor to promote the developments in all fields.
My Rediscovery Trip to Europe

The most important thing is that during this journey, a complex emotion from the bottom of my heart has transferred to a sense of pride due to my beloved motherland.
Taking History as A Mirror to Be Future-ready

Yesterday is a history; tomorrow is a mystery; but today is a gift; that is why we call it the present. The instructive line advocates a positive attitude towards life---living in the present.
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow---The Great Dream of China

ooking back to history, we will find that there are some history which we are proud of and some history which we feel painful with as well. As for Chinese, we should not forget those proud history and should remember those sorrowful history which let us g
Moving on in Remembrance of History

It is important that we should remember the history and prevent the tragedy and mistakes of history from happening again.
A 5 “H” China

What does 5 “H” means? It means “History, Hope, Harvest, Happiness and Harmony”.
Taking History As a Mirror

We don't have to memorize history with hatred, but to take history as a mirror and make the painful lessons of history to remind us to be prepared for danger in times of safety.
We’ve Won But We’ll Never Stop

It is in our blood, pumping through our veins, the Chinese souls with thousands of ambitions and lessons that history taught, helping us to fulfill the great Chinese dreams.
Treasure up Our History and Strive for Our Dream

From the history, we learn that how union is important for a country and how peace is important for the world. As Chinese people, we have the responsibility to correlates our dreams with Chinese dream. We have the responsibility to strive for our common d
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