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Fourth Lingnan Cup English Writing Contest Concludes Successfully
Fourth Lingnan Cup English Writing Contest Concludes Successfully

The annual Lingnan Cup English Writing Contest, was held at the South China Normal University on December 3.
The Third Lingnan Cup English Writing Contest Closes in Success
The Third Lingnan Cup English Writing Contest Closes in Success

The annual Lingnan Cup English Writing Contest, whose participants are from technical colleges in Guangdong Province, honored winning students at its concluding competitive event on November 7.
Bearing History in Mind, Attaining China Dream

What I should do is to be strict with myself, and to act now and act from trifles; what I can do is to broaden my knowledge and skills, to gain practical experience, and to develop into a productive member of society.

Dare to Remember, Dare to Dream

Dare to remember the humiliation of the past and make every effort to make up what we have already lost, dare to dream about the promising future and change the unchangeable with innovation.
Light up the Future with Nationality

We are convinced that exerting with the endeavor from generation to generation, not only can we rejuvenate the nation, but also fulfill the individual Chinese Dream as well as the nation's Chinese Dream.
China Dream Is Not Only a Dream

We shall proceed the unfinished career of realizing China Dream and shall let our descendants feel blessed, too. China Dream is not only a dream, as long as we all make an effort.

No Change, No Chance

No change, no chance. Let’s wave goodbye to the past, and embrace our bright future.
Of the Chinese Dream

Although we are incapable of rewriting history, we can be a peacekeeper both at home and abroad and change our lives towards a better future with the Chinese dream, but also pass the spirit of China from generation to generation.
What History Brings for Us

Nowadays, an increasing number of people always hold a view that as modern Chinese people, we should bear our history in mind as well as realizing Chinese dream.
Chinese Dream

As long as we Chinese unite together and endeavor to develop the traditional virtues and historic heritages, the “Chinese Dream” will certainly be realized one day.
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