Friday,July 21,2017
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Touch Guangdong

Cities in Guangdong province

16th Asian Games

The 16th Guangzhou Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou from November 12-17.

Guangzhou World Jazz Week

For the 2nd edition of the Guangzhou World Jazz Week, the Guangzhou Sculpture Park will welcome an array of international musicians every night (20:30) from October 3rd to October 10th.

Guangdong Beaches in 3 Colors

Sometimes you can’t help being astonishing by the beauty of nature! The sexy pink sand in the Bahamas, the Caribbean Sea and the exquisite green olivine sands in Papakolea, Hawaii, etc.

Vintage Canton in Xiguan

Xiguan refers to Guangzhou's Liwan district. Liwan, the old district of Guangzhou is filled with local architecture, Cantonese Opera, ancient foreign trade as well as traditional Cantonese delicacies and morning tea.

New Guangdong Museum

The new Guangdong Museum located besides the river in Zhujiang New Town opened to the public from May 28th and with thousands of visitors flocking to discover an impressive building and well designed exhibitions.

Healthy Lifestyles: Jogging Spots in Guangzhou

With our lives becoming more and more sedentary, a number of serious health issues are appearing and hitting even young people.

Foreign Supermarkets & Groceries in Guangzhou

Eleven foreign supermarkets and groceries are presented in this feature.

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