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Haizhu, Industrial Land for Multi-development

Updated Beijing Time

HAIZHU is the central-south part of Guangzhou, covering 90.45 square kilometres  with a total population of 1.2373 million and 18 sub-district offices in its administration. It is surrounded by the Pearl River. Ecological orchards and plantations of more than 800 hectare scatters in this island district.

Haizhu is an industry zone traditionally. As Guangzhou ventures the strategy of Eastern push and southern exploitation, the new urban axis passes through the middle of Haizhu. Its function has been successfully changed to a new modern urban area with business service, finance, tourism, logistics and high-tech industry to develop. 

Being a central island of Guangzhou, Haizhu is the city' s gateway to Pearl River Delta, it has a sound transportation network of the 14 bridges over the Pearl River , Inner- Ring Expressway, Southeast- Round -City Expressway, Metro Line 2 and 3.

Haizhu is an advanced well-developed district of the nation in science and education. There are 46 institutions of high learning, including Sun Yet-Sen University, Guangdong University of Business Studies, Guangzhou Academy of Art and South China Sea Institute of Ocean, etc.

There are such high-tech enterprises as Seiko Instruments Ltd. and Lonza Chemical settled in the district. With the further development of Haizhu Scien-tech Park and the implementation of the project of Guanzhou International Biological Island , initiatives will be quicken to promote the development of the high-tech industry.

Pazhou Island , which is located in the east of Haizhu District, would be developed as the exhibition and commerce area of Guangzhou . Along with the accomplishment of Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center , the Chinese Export Commodities Fair has already moved into it. Some related facilities, including Shangri-La Hotel, Poly International Square , Multi-national Procurement Center are under construction. The convention and exhibition industry has already become the competitive superiority of Haizhu District.

In line with the development concept of "optimizing the second industry and greatly developing the tertiary industry", Haizhu District will strive to develop commerce. Guided by the Convention and Exhibition Center, Haizhu District Government will try to connect the function of Zhongda Cloth Market, Nantian International Hotel Facility Wholesale Market, South China Auto Trade City and South China Footwear Industry City with the one of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, so as to build the area into an international trade and display center that will be influential the PRD area and even all parts of the country.

In order to further perfect the investment environment of the district, great efforts will be made to build up an effective government. Such measures have been taken as making government affairs open to public and accepting complains on line etc. so as to create an open, transparent and better investment environment. With the great development of Pazhou exhibition and commerce area and the construction of series of important projects, such as the Twin Tower , one of the new landmark buildings of Guangzhou City , the Chigang Consulates general district, the Guanzhou International Biological Island , great market potential will be provided in the Haizhu District.

Briefing on Haizhu District
Haizhu, a green island district surrounded by the front and back navigable routes of Guangzhou reach of Pearl River water system ( the island district is comprised of Haizhu Island, Guanzhou Island, Yaji Island), is situated in the middle of Guangzhou City. Haizhu covers an area of 90.45 square kilometers with 18 street offices under its administrational jurisdiction and a total population of 1,237,3000.
With a history of over 2000 years, Haizhu District is rich in humane and historic resources. There are a lot of famous spots, historic sites, and relics within this district, for instance, the Relic of Qixinggang Ancient Coast that reached the innermost of a continental in the whole world and witnessed the geographical changes of Guangzhou,the Relic of Huangpu Ancient Port which was the starting port of China' s renowned Silk Road on the Sea, the hometown of Chinese water painting--- Shixiang Park that symbolizes the cradle of the Arts of Lingnan School, the famous Buddhist spot Haizhuang Temple, the Taoist spot Chunyang Temple, the Ancestral Hall of the Dengs ( former residence of the national hero Deng Shichang), the Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen' s Mansion, as well as a lot of former residences of celebrities and buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. 

In recent years, Haizhu government has been working on the construction of roads and bridges. Thereby, a complete, express and smooth water-land transportation system is gradually established. So far, a three-dimensional transportation network has been formed by 10 plus bridges connecting other districts, the Inner Ring Road, the South China Expressway, the City Ring Road, subways and arteries such as Jiangnan Avenue, Guangzhou Avenue, Bingjiang Road and Xingang Road.

In 2003, Haizhu government established a goal for the district' s development in the next five years: to construct a basis for the sustainable development of Haizhu' s economy and society; to construct " Five-colored Haizhu", that is,Haizhu of Study,Culture, Technology, Ecology and Business; to further increase Haizhu' s comprehensive competitiveness, to boost the civil construction & management, the status and function of modernized urban district; to develop social undertakings in an all-around way; to promote creativity and originality in the filed of technology and urban district culture, and improve citizens'  qualities and their living standards.

Haizhu District, which was called "Jiangnan Island" in ancient times, is located in the center of Guangzhou, surrounded by the front and back navigable routes of Guangzhou reach of Pearl River water system, is indeed a natural land of good soil surrounded by water on 4 sides. With beautiful scenery and mild climate, Haizhu is a green island district that enjoys a reputation as "Southern Lung of Guangzhou." Haizhu covers an area of 90.45 square kilometers with a total population of 1,237,300 and a total of 18 administrational streets under its jurisdiction. 
Haizhu,the central island district of Guangzhou, has a unique and advantaged geography and humane environment, adjacent to Districts of Liwan, Yuexiu, Tianhe, Huangpu, and Panyu on the opposite bank of the river. With a total riverside length of 47.35 kilometers, Haizhu enjoys a supreme geographical location, and has abundant land resources and a large scenic zone formed by branches of river and fruit trees, which is really a city of " water and mountain". Haizhu is a land of great figures with a long history that can be traced back to Eastern Han Period of over 2000 years ago , which was inferred from the cultural relics unearthed. 
Haizhu is an important routeway of Guangzhou City to cities and counties of Pearl River Delta and Special Economic Regions Shenzhen & Zhuhai. Within this district, branches of Pear River are densely distributed, making the aquatic traffic very convenient. It is not only the important waterway in the city proper of Guangzhou, but also leads directly to different inland river ports and coastal ports of Pearl River Delta. There are passenger and freight transport docks, from which vessels can directly reach coastal cities, like Xiamen, Shantou, Haikou, Sanya, etc. The land routes include arterial roads, sub-arterial roads, branch roads, together with the third-class road network spreading all over the district. 12 major cross-river bridges connect with the different districts in the city; the Inner Ring Road, City Ring Road and South-China Dapifa Road traverse the whole district horizontally; Subway No.2 and 3 lines pass through the most prosperous sections of the district. In a word, the land-bridge network extends in all directions.
Haizhu is devoted to building Bingjiang Road as a travel, leisure and sight-seeing center, Jiangnan Avenue, Jiangnan West Road and Baogang Avenue as large-scaled shopping and commerce service center, Guangzhou South Avenue as logistics and commodities distributing centers featuring specialized markets, Pazhou and Chigang area as centers of convention, information and commerce service, Xin' gang Road as a technology center with Sun Yat-sen University as the locomotive, and Fruit-trees Conservation Zone which covers a land of thousands of hectares, as a modernized urban tourism center of ecological agriculture. So far, these six centers have been expanded to a fairly large scale. 

Haizhu district has both the bustle and hustle of urban city and the tranquility of countryside. The river-island ecological system featuring "river, river branches,forest, park" enables Haizhu to become a modernized urban ecological district most suitable for your living , developing and starting business. 

Haizhu has been unswervingly upholding the developmental policy of  " Strengthening the district through economy, Rejuvenating the district through science and education, Beautifying the district by environment protection, Establishing the district with culture, Governing the district according to laws ", implementing the strategy for industrial development, which is " Give priority to the development of service industry, Optimize industry, Develop urban ecological agriculture vigorously ", and using real estate as the locomotive to vigorously promote the development of commerce, finance, tourism, logistics and non-polluted high-tech industry so as to push the district' s economic to develop healthily. 

Haizhu District has become a new central district of Guangzhou, and will be given more sources to develop in the future, therefore, having enormous developmental potential and a promising prospect.
With key projects such as Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and International Bio-island making Haizhu District as their home, Haizhu' s district advantage is flaring.
With a bright future and countless business opportunities, Haizhu is an ideal place for investment and development.


Editor: Helena Zhang

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