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Conghua, An Oasis for Living and Tourism

Updated Beijing Time

CONGHUA City is located in the north east of Guangzhou, which is an important place connecting Pearl River Delta with the mountainous area in the North of Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 1984 square kilometers with a population of 600,000. In terms of the comprehensive power, it takes the lead among the fifty-seven counties and cities in Guangdong Province, with overall GDP RMB10.369 billion, GDP USD2,360 per person, general industrial and agricultural production value of RMB27.5 billions, and 1 billion revenue. Reknown for hot spring and lichee, Conghua also boasts of long history, flourishing culture and excellent ecological environment. Rapid progresses have been made in recent years and five advantages of Conghua City have been built and strengthened. 

1 Advantage of the Ecological Environment.
Conghua is known as an "oasis" of north of the Tropic of Cancer. Liu Xi River running across it from north to south and forest covering 68% of its surface, it has over 300 lakes and reservoirs and 1800,000 acres of green mountains. Conghua is a nice place for living and tourism, and at the same time, a new city for new high-tech and green ecology industries. 

2 Good Industrial Foundations.
The proportion of three industrials structure in Conghua is 10:67:23. The industrial economics play a leading role in its economy and its industrialization is keeps growing. Manufacturing of motorcycle, cosmetics and jewellery & decorations are well developed. New industry development platform is now under construction. Six industrial bases are built, namely motorcycle, auto apparatus, pharmacy foodstuff, jewellery, soft wares, and fine chemical industry. Conghua also sees great progress in tourism, education and real estate industries.

3 Rich in Tourism Resources.
Conghua is rich in ecological tourism resources. It is famous worldwide for its hot spring, which is highly value from the point of view of medical therapy. There are 8 main ecological tourism zones in Guangzhou , and 4 of them are in Conghua (Namely Liu Xi River Forest Park, Shi Men Forest Park, Liu Xi Hot Spring Holiday Resort and Water Pumping & Energy Storing Power Station Tourist and Holiday Zone). And it has kinds of tourism resources including industrial technology, culture and agriculture. Among them, Guang Yu Temple, Wu Yue Dian and other 5 resorts are the main protected cultural relics of Guangdong Province or of Guangzhou . 

4  Sound Infrastructures.
Providing with convenient transportation, Conghua is becoming a full-functional city. National Highway No.105 and No. 106 run across the whole city, Beijing-Zhuhai Freeway through its south west, JieBei Freeway, Guangzhou North 3 Ring Freeway, Jie Dong Freeway and Conghua-Zengcheng Freeway will be completed before 2007, which will prompt Conghua into "economic life zone half an hour from Guangzhou". Conghua has formed the traffic network of national road, provincial highway, county road, village road and expressway. The abundant power supply, developed communication, full-function ports, perfect infrastructures and social service systems, upgrade the function and image of the city. 

5 Attentive Service of the Government.
Conghua government forth successively implements a serious of new policies and measures to attract and encourage both domestic and foreign businessmen.

Conghua is in a new phrase of development. To speed up and coordinate development, the strategy of "strong industry, steady agriculture, prosperous tourism, environmental protection, thriving science and education" will be further improved. It promotes the "Priority of North" strategy under the planning of metropolis of Guangzhou , speeds up the economic development and environmental protection, enhances the industrialization, agriculture industrialization and urbanization. Also Conghua is branded as "Leisure City" which aims to become a satellite town of Guangzhou with harmonious society, beautiful environment and perfect function.

Conghua, as another satellite city of Guangzhou, is located in the northeast of Guangzhou with a population of 517 600 (in 2000). It was established as a county far back in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and as a city in 1994.

Conghua government is situated in Jiekou Township. The Liuxi River meanders right through the urban area. It abounds in natural resources, such as pine, China fir, camphor, bamboo, tungsten, lead, zinc, tantalum, marble and fluorite. Conghua is an attached city at county level, rich in agricultural, forest and mineral products, known as the Country of Fruit: litchi, orange, plum, peanut, watermelon and sugarcane. Conghua Hot Springs, Liuxihe National Forest Park, and the Marker of the Tropic of Cancer in Taiping Township attract a great number of tourists each year.

The Tropic of Cancer passes through 16 countries and regions around the world. It stretches as long as 2,000 kilometers in China, across Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Taiwan provinces. The pylon marks the Tropic of Cancer at 23:26' 28" north latitude. At 12:26 on the Summer Solstice (on June 22) every year, if the sun is shining just over the tower through a small hole in a copper ball on the top of the tower, visitors will not see their own shadows here at the moment.

Conghua has taken on a new look in recent years. The urban construction has been going through tremendous changes for the past decade. The other spots are as follows:
Liuxihe National Forest Park
Shimen National Forest Park
Wenquan Golf Court (Club)


Editor: Carrot Chen

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  • Conghua, An Oasis for Living and Tourism ()
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