Wednesday,July 26,2017
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Blueprint of Zhujiang New City

Updated Beijing Time

South to Huangpu Dadao Avenue, north to the Pearl River, east to Guangzhou Dadao Avenue, and the west to South China Expressway, the Zhujiang New City is still under development. It will accommodate 170 to 180 thousand citizens. The whole project will be completed by 2010, before the Guangzhou Asian Games. The core zone of Zhujiang New City features 37 large business buildings and seven city landmarks including the Guangzhou Opera House, a library, the new Guangdong Museum, the second Children's Palace, the Double Towers and the new TV tower. At the crossing of the Pearl River, the axis of the city, Zhujiang New City will become the central business district of 21st century Guangzhou.

Zhujiang New City covers an area of 6.5 square kilometers with a construction area of 14,960 thousand square meters. There are fourteen 20- to 40-hectare blocks inside the city designated by administrative block, residential block, financial and trading block, cultural activity block, and business and shopping blocks. Zhujiang New City will become a first tier hub for international finance, trading, business, entertainment, administration and residence.

In Zhujiang New City, the shoreline of the Pearl River, the skyline of Guangzhou's Tianhe Sports Center and the 88-story Citic Plaza, combined with the Double Towers and the TV tower, create a beautiful view of scenic Guangzhou.

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