Friday,June 23,2017
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People's Living in 2004

Updated Beijing Time

Urban and rural residents constantly raise their living standard.  Employee average salary (excluding that for employees of private enterprises or individual economies) was ¥31,025 with a rise of 9.9% over previous year. Urban resident' s disposable income was ¥16,884 per capita with a rise of 12.5%, the actual rise is 10.7% with price factors deducted. Rural resident's per capita net income was ¥6, 625 with a rise of 8.1%, the actual rise is 2.9% with price factors deducted.  Urban resident's per capita consumptive expenditure is ¥13,121 with a rise of 13.4%.  Balance for urban and rural resident' s deposit saving was¥425.682 billion with an increase of ¥52.947 billion. 

Source: Guangzhou Municipal Government

Editor: Jessie Hwang

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