Friday,July 21,2017
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Brief Introduction to Transportation, Post and Telecom in 2004

Updated Beijing Time

It has obvious increase. The whole city's transportation realized added value of 42.440 billion with a rise of 17.5%. By all transportation means, we completed goods turnover of 348 million tons with a rise of 18.9%. Goods turnover was around 274.691 billion tons kilometers with a rise of 9.5%. In the whole year, passenger transportion was around 346 million person-times with a rise of 16.4% over the previous year; Passenger turnover was 55.297 billion person kilometers with a rise of 22.72%. Revenue of post services was 1.117 billion with a rise of 5.1%.  And revenue of telecom services was 19.972 billion with a rise of 14.5%.


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  • Baiyun, Transportation Hub and Gateway of Guangzhou ()
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