Saturday,June 24,2017
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1,060KM Greenway Completed in Guangzhou

Updated Beijing Time


According to the Municipal Forestry and Landscape Department, up to 1,060km of scenic green buffer strips have been recently completed in Guangzhou, which doubles the original "526km in a year" plan as initially set by the provincial department.

The Department has indicated that the greenway project will follow the principle: "put into use at the completion of each part", and partial sections have been already open to public. All greenways will be put into use before the commencement of the Asian Games.

The 1,060km green belt connects the 10 districts, 98 towns of two county-level cities and 234 main scenic spots, which covers all areas with history, culture background and natural landscape; a total area of some 1,800 square kilometres. Among which, the length of the section passing the CBD is 393km lomg, serving a population of more than seven million.

To construct the supporting facilities for the greenway and facilitate the traffic of citizens, the forestry and landscape department has established 99 post houses, each of which will be equipped with electronic signs displaying channel information, with full coverage of wireless broadband. Supporting facilities such as cellphone charging stations, fixed telephone, shop, medical assistance etc, can be found in these post houses. The detailed operation methods are under discussion by relevant departments.

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