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Thursday,June 21,2018
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Dinning Centers Rationalize Food Offer in Guangzhou

Updated Beijing Time

Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

 Countless restaurants in Huifudong Lu, Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Economic and Trade Committee has recently announced a plan to rationalize the catering industry in the city by creating dinning centers which would each specialize in only certain styles of cuisine such as western food, Asian food or Cantonese food.

Guangzhou already boosts numerous food streets with countless restaurants from small outlets selling simple snacks to large multistory restaurants. The chaos of this offer and the way it is spread across the city might actually be one of the reasons Guangzhou appeals so much to food lovers. However, for the Secretary-General of the Guangzhou Food Industry Association, new dinning centers would be easier to control and appear more harmonious. If this plan goes ahead, Shamian Island would be dedicated to western food, whilst to taste Cantonese food, one would have to travel to Liwan district.

This solution would obviously bring some benefits to Guangzhou. By 2015, fiscal revenue would increase with the 50 major restaurant groups expecting an annual turnover of over 100 million yuan and 30,000 jobs could be created. But however beneficial the move would be for the catering industry, the risk for dinners is that Guangzhou's culinary landscape becomes uniform and bland. One possibility which wasn't raised by the industry is that one main contributing factor to an eating experience in Guangzhou is its diversity and the chance it offers to discover the city through its restaurants.

Potential Dinning Centers:

1. Yuexiu District: Huifu Gourmet Street
Traditional food on Yushan Road; East Huifu Road will offer both traditional flavors and the south-east Asian food; A Lingnan Food Center will be built on the Shufang Road;

2. Liwan District: Shamian Food District for Western food.
Western food;

3. Liwan District: Guangzhou Food Center
Cantonese food;

4. Haizhu District: Taigu Cangbinshui Food District
Fusion of European and local food;

5. Tianhe District: Tiyu Dong Food Street for Business
Mainly Cantonese food; Some Sichuan and Hunan restaurants;

6. Tianhe District: Congregation of food
The largest dinning center in Guangzhou with over 100 restaurants, SPA and KTV;

7. Baiyun District: Baiyun Dadao Food Street
Yongtai City Square shall offer restaurants, shops, and entertainment;

8. Huangpu District: Fengele Bei Food District
1,800 square meters of shops and Chinese restaurants;

9. Nansha District: Shijiu Chong Seafood Street
Restaurants mainly serving fresh seafood;

10. Panyu District: Panyu Dadao Food District
Near Chimelong Parks; seafood and international food;

11. Huadu District: Xilideng(Panyu) Dietary Customs Street
Covering 180,000 square meters, this dinning center boasts a large garden, a fitness club and a gold course;

12. Luogang District: Luogang Food District
Chinese Food;

13. Conghua City: Conghua Hotspring and Food Street
Fresh farm produces and local entertainment facilities including hot springs;

14. Zengcheng City: Zengcheng Eco-food Center
Chinese food.

(By Pang Yue and David Keyton)

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Editor: Shanna Chu

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