Monday,July 24,2017
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Comic Character Design Contest to Open in Hong Kong

Updated Beijing Time


Applications will open for a comic character design contest to reflect the characteristics of the Control of Obscene & Indecent Articles Ordinance's three classes.

Organised by Television & Entertainment Licensing Authority, the competition invites entries from three groups - the public, secondary schools and primary schools. Each school is invited to submit two entries, with each entry having three comic characters in three JPEG files. All entries should be submitted by January 15.

Under the ordinance, Class I means neither obscene nor indecent, class II is indecent and Class III is obscene.

The assessment criteria include the comic character's characteristics, aesthetic merit, and simplicity and suitability to become the basis for designing souvenirs to promote the ordinance.

The winner, first runner-up and second runner-up in each group will receive a cash coupon valued at $600, $450 and $300. The winning designs may become the blueprints for the production of souvenirs. Click here for more contest details.

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