Friday,July 21,2017
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France Offers Opportunity to Chinese Students

A French delegation of representatives from higher education institutes was in China recently to recruit talented students. Named "ADIUT," the delegation is composed of presidents from 116 technology institutes and 87 public universities.
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Mayland International Kindergarten Opens

The Mayland International Community kindergarten is the first part of MICS, the demonstrative class of the bilingual kindergarten is opened on Wednesday 17th March, and the primary school will open in August.
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Guangzhou Huamei International School

It is one of the best private boarding schools in Guangdong Province. It is composed of kindergarten, primary school, middle school and pre-university programs.
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Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts is founded in 1953 and has been developed to be one of the best art institutions in South China.
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Beginning Level of HSK ( HSK Basic )

HSK Basic is a standardized test designed for beginners.

A Few Tips On Learning Mandarin

Here are some simple but useful methods that can help you in learning Chinese.
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