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Service Numbers

Updated Beijing Time

How to Donate Things for Public Welfare in Guangzhou?

You can donate the clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories you don't need to local governmental offices and Hui-ling Charity Organization and do more for the good of those in need.

Telecom Service: 10000
Emergency (free): 110 (Police Office)
Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120
Traffic accident:122
Red Cross Rescue: 999
Local Directory Inquiry: 114
Time Inquiry: 12117
Weather Forecast: 12121
Fire Station: 87119888
Price Complaint: 12358
Travel Service: 96900
Traffic Rescue: 81815166, 87765280
Police: 83331060 
Water Supply: 81962288
Electricity Supply: 95598

Government Hotline
Mayors' Hotline: 12345
Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality: 81078254
Bureau of Public Security of Guangzhou Municipality: 8311 6688
Foreign Affairs Office, the People' s Government of Guangzhou Municipality: 8312 5410
Taxi Booking Hotline: 96122, 96900
Transportation Service Hotline: 96900
Guangzhou Train Station inquiry 020-61346222
Guangzhou Train Station booking 96020088、95105105
GZ East Station inquiry 020-63745900
GZ Railway Terminal 020-61322114

Baiyun Airport inquiry 3606 6999
China Southern Airport hotline 950333
GD Coach Station 86661297, 86692865 -2091
Tianhe Coach Station 020-37087923 020-37081083-268

Post, Telephone and Telecom
Telecom Service (including Internet) : 10000
Post Code Inquiry 184
Post Service (including EMS and Ticketing) 11185
Telecom Customer Service 10000

China Mobile Customer Service 10086
China Telecom Customer Service 10000

Finance and Insurance
China Construction Bank (24 hours) 95533  
Agricultural Bank of China 95599
Bank of China 95566
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (24 hours) 95588  
Guangzhou Commercial Bank (24 hours) 8396 6288 
China Pacific Property Insurance Co. Ltd. (24 hours) 95500 

Source: Guangzhou Municipal Government

Editor: Jessie Hwang

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