Friday,June 23,2017
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Q: Air Pollution in Guangzhou (from Paul)


I am not sure if you could help me with this. If you do I will be very thankful but if this mail is sent to the wrong place I am very sorry for wasting your time.

I am in a situation where my European company wants me to work in Tianhe in Guangzhou for a few months.

Some people warn me about the relatively high air pollution in the city. This might be a big problem for me because my child is also going to come with me. My child is only a few months old and will maybe suffer from the bad air quality.

Is there any place in or outside Guangzhou where the air pollution is lower than in the center of the city? What time of year is the best to  avoid air pollution? Will it be less pollution if we stay in a room that is high above the ground? Do you have any other tips for minimizing exposure to the air pollution?

A requirement on a place to stay is that is should be possible to go from there to Tianhe rather quickly by either using the Metro, going by Taxi or similar.

If I don't find a place I have to give up the work in Guangzhou which would be really sad for me because Guangzhou seems like both an interesting and wonderful place to stay.

I am very thankful for any help you can give me.

Best Regards

Hello, Paul

I understand your concern.

But we all live here in Guangzhou and don't think the situation is that bad as you said.

I think the best way for you is to give up your job if you are so worried about it.

A: (from tony)

You'd better look for an apartment in universities suche as CCNU and SCUT where the air pollution is lower.

A: (from Mark)
No big deal. I found the pollution is not an issue if you could stay away from the crowded traffic areas. I have been to Guangzhou many times. I enjoyed the life over there. Good Luck.

A: (from Cameron)
Hi I have lived in GZ for over a year and the air pollution is not that bad but if you are still conerned try castle hill or golden lake, Good luck !!!!

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