Sunday,June 25,2017
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Xiguan Residence


Updated Beijing Time

Xiguan is an area west to ancient Guangzhou city, where traditional Cantonese architectures (Xiguan Residence) can be found. Grand and magnificent, those old buildings used to be residences for businessmen and officials.

The so-called 'Big Old Houses' are houses built in the Xiguan district of Guangzhou by wealthy families in the old days.They are symmetrically structured.From the front to the back are the portal,the hallway,the main hall,the first room,the second hall,and the back room.There is a patio between each hall or room and a garden on one side.

The facade is built with greenish gry bricks.In addition to the main wooden door,there is a tanglong (wooden bar sliding door)and a halfp height outer door.Inside one can see hardwood furniture,wood carved ornaments,Manchustyle windows with stained glass,and many other features of Cantonese flavour.


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