Monday,July 24,2017
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Irish Pubs in Guangzhou

Updated Beijing Time

There are two Irish pubs known for foreigners in Guangzhou, Paddy Field and Hooley's. They are favorite  "haunts" for expats.

Paddy Field

Guangzhou's first Irish pub got off to a slow start after it opened in 2004 but has now become one of the most popular bars for foreigners in Guangzhou. Always busy in the evenings you can bump into foreigners from all over the world. A good place to make new friends and every likelihood of meeting people from your home country, or even city.

Like most Irish pubs, the Paddy is dark and traditional with plenty of wood, photos and fixtures related to Irish history and culture on the walls. Clean, cool and comfortable inside the Paddy is a great place to relax or have a session.

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The Paddy has a main bar area for drinking, a side room with a stage for music, a big screen for watching sports and areas for eating. Beers include Guinness and Kilkenny on tap, imported western beers, and a wide selection of wines, spirits, cocktails, shooters and alcoholic coffees. The food menu is extensive and includes plenty of authentic Irish food including a traditional Irish breakfast, fish and chips and Guinness pie as well as appetizers, steaks, burgers, and nachos. The staff are friendly and always ready for a chat, if time permits, as is the Irish manager from Westport in County Mayo.

The Paddy opens early and closes late, with a break in the afternoon. Prices are reasonable. Draught beers are cheap during the happy hour which lasts until 8.00pm including Guinness for 45 Yuan and Carlsberg 20 Yuan a pint. 

(By Alan Devey)


The pub started business on July 1st and has traditional Irish music playing. Foreign bands often perform Irish music on a small stage in the main bar area.

Its decorations and designs are wooden with complimentary traditional Irish pub colors. Some exquisite wooden handicrafts, including an Irish bucket and clock, can be found in the corners of the bar. There are three function rooms for groups of friends and families to have gatherings separately.

A party at the Hooley's.

Its extra cold beer is the must try here.

Sean from Canada, one of the owners, is trying to perfect everything you see in this little Irish world on the ground floor of Binghua Hotel, Tianhe District, with the food cooked by an Australian chef and the genuine taste of European drinks and imported beef.

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In comparison, Paddy Field is better for parties due to its setup. Hooley's is a choice to relax after work.

Readers' words:

Bob: Paddy is better. Food drink prices are the same, the food is good but the Paddy's food is better and the Paddy menu is about four times bigger. Food in Hooleys at present is restriced choice. Paddy's decor and layout are also better.

There was however as many in Hooleys as there is in Paddy's. Also they seem to get more Chinese than Paddy's.

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(By Ronald Li and Carol Peng)


Editor: Helena Zhang

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