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Bingsheng Restaurant


Updated Beijing Time

Facade of Wufeng Branch of Bingsheng Restaurant in Haizhu District.

It is one of the local's favorite Cantonese restaurants.

Its food is well-acclaimed. Aquatic delicacies top its menu of choice, including fresh and delicious Icy Shrimps and Sashimi. Its wide range of Toufu (bean curd) is tender and silky, plus strong-flavored Roasted Pork and more must-tries.

The price is reasonable. The décor is simple, nice and warm.

The place is always crowded. The tables are difficult to reserve. It is a bit noisy at main halls.

It's a good place for the dinners and tea with family, friends, and for late meals (Xiao Ye in Chinese).

Roasted Pork (Cha Shao)

Icy Fresh Shrimps (Xia Sheng).

Food recommendations:

Sashimi (Yu Sheng), Icy Fresh Shrimps (Xia Sheng), Roasted Pork (Cha Shao), Seasoned Geese Intestines (Shiyou Huang E-chang) , BBQ Pork's Neck (Tanshao Zhujing Rou), Roasted Goose (Shao-E), various fishes, Fish Congee (Yu Zhou), Jin Sha Sweet Dumplines (Jin Sha Tangyuan) ...

Flag ship Restaurant:
Add: At the southern foot of Haiyin Bridge, 33, Dong Xiao Rd., Haizhu District
Tel: 020-34286910, 34286911

Tianhe Dong Branch
Add: 168, Tianhe Rd. East , Tianhe District
Tel: 020-87518683, 87518682

Wufeng Branch
Add: 1-4 F, Wufeng Hotel, 438, Jiangnan Dadao Blvd South . Haizhu District
Tel: 020-84472844, 84244611



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