Monday,July 24,2017
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Expats' Life

Korean Boy and His Book "Zooming into Guangzhou"

The Locals

Dinning Experience: The Last Cantonese Opera Troupe

Opinion: The Big House, Flash Car and ... Horse Ridding ?!

Recent discussion groups on the Internet have put these questions under the spotlight and what appears is quite scary. It seems that the young women themselves are putting aside love, passion and desire for the stability of a big apartment and car.

Guangdong Visions: Responding to the Crisis
Wang Yang, Guangdong's Communist Party secretary, proposed that Guangdong should not only plan to outstrip South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong in economic output, but also match them in quality of governance.
Guangdong: Reenvisioning Guangzhou
GZ Party Secretary Zhu acknowledge "We've paid a heavy price for rapid growth." Intense development was crucial in the 1980s and '90s, he explained, "because China was so poor." But now, "we cannot ignore social, political, and cultural progress.
Guangdong Visions: A Talk with Provincial Party Secretary
With the global financial crisis choking off exports and squeezing the economy, China's leaders have voiced different views on what best to do. GD's Party secretary Wang Yang speaks about his views of the economic crisis and its impact on China.
Web Chat: Lively and Practical Guangdong Culture
"Guangzhou is a tolerant city, for common people and practicality, not for aristocracy."... A local art director and the Attaché de Presse et de communication of the French Consulate General share their perspectives.
Is Education Truly Effective Only When It's Individualized?
We have to be careful at the same time not to have the individualization of education over-emphasized, as it may be harmful to the overall development of a person in the long run.


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