Sunday,June 25,2017
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Expats' Life

Korean Boy and His Book "Zooming into Guangzhou"

City Guide

Guangzhou Marks "Earth Hour" on March 27

Dinning Experience: The Last Cantonese Opera Troupe

In 1990s, over 20 traditional Cantonese tea houses had their own performing troupes. Of those numerous troupes few remain today. Ronghua Lou Restaurant is an exception with the Yunfeng Cantonese Opera Troupe which performs everyday.

MBA Orientation Week: Training Future Business Leader
MBAs have become a crucial alternative for professionals seeking further theoretical training in biz management. Sun Yat-sen University has been offering this course for the past 2 decades and the class of 2010 has just started a 5-day orientation.
Nansha Datang: Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons
After a horse stance and a breath-holding technique called the “claw”', the quarterstaff handled by a 75 year-old man is unable to move. His opponent is a 62 year-old man and together their are exhibiting local kongfu techniques.
The Secret Paradise for Cats & Dogs
Hidden amidst a four hectare litchi forest in Baiyun district, "Paradise" is a very unique animal shelter which has saved thousands of cats and dogs since it opened a decade ago.
Palace Lantern Made in Guangzhou
Protecting Chinese lanterns is now essential and the forerunner in this effort is Luo Zhaoliang, a 72 years-old craftsman recognised by the local government for his efforts in preserving and transmitting his skills and knowledge.
Magic Cube, Magic Player
Although one of the world's best selling puzzles, Rubik's cubes remain a mystery to many people, an object closer related to magic than mathematics. But the twists and turns of this simple yet enigmatic toy are of no secret to Zhang Zhenqing.


King of Flutes in the South
Ned: A Sommelier's Story about Wine
Earning Money by Selecting Expired Goods