Monday,July 24,2017
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Dinning Experience: The Last Cantonese Opera Troupe

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Guangzhou Marks "Earth Hour" on March 27

Korean Boy and His Book "Zooming into Guangzhou"

The Guangzhou Bureau of Education recently received an unusual gift. Inside the package was a book introducing Cantonese culture in English and Korean, written by Yu Seung-hyun, an 18-year-old Korean young man now studying in Guangzhou.

Expats Join Volunteer Teams for Asian Games
Ahead of the 16th Asian Games, a team of expats has volunteered to serve the city by promoting traffic regulations and move civilized road manners.
"Pillar of Life" Portrays the Essence of DNA
Hanging on the wall of a waiting room at Sun Yat-sen University Affiliated Cancer Hospital is a work of art recently donated by Australian painter Ann Abrahmsen who's husband is being treated for cancer in the establishment.
Russian Success Story in Guangzhou
Although Eugene is only 29 years old, he already ranks ninth in the list of commercial elites published by the Russian magazine Finans. Surprisingly, he is the only one on the list who made his money in Guangzhou, China's manufacturing center.
Norwegian Consul General Hits the Road!
Early March, Tormod Endresen, the Norwegian Consul General in Guangzhou tested five other ways to get to his office, comparing their advantages and disadvantages both in terms of efficiency, comfort, and their impact on the environment.
Japanese Man Rewarded After Caring for Old Villagers with Leprosy
On December 5th 2009, Ryotaro was named as one of Guangzhou's ten most outstanding volunteers. Held on the Volonteers' Day, society recognized his 7 years of selfless devotion and sustained efforts to bring a better life to people the most in need.


"Pillar of Life" Portrays the Essence of DNA
Russian Success Story in Guangzhou
Norwegian Consul General Hits the Road!