Monday,June 26,2017
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Zhenhai Tower, Statue of Five Rams, Dragon Boats

Updated Beijing Time

Zhenhai Tower 镇海楼

Zhenhai Tower was built in 1380. It is also named five-storied tower because of its five-storied structure. In front of the tower are inscriptions from various dynasties, and on the right side are 12 ancient cannons.

It was turned into Guangzhou Municipal Museum in 1929, displaying the cultural relics of Guangzhou of different dynasties, which went through more than 2000 years. In 1950, it changed its name into Guangzhou Museum.

The tower lies atop the Yuexiu Hill, east to the Liuhua Complex of Guangzhou Trade Fair.

Statue of Five Rams 五羊雕像

The five-ram legend has it that once upon a time five celestial beings in colorful robes, each riding five-coloured goat and bringing an ear of grain, arrived in Guangzhou.

They gave the grain to the residents as present, wishing the land free from famine forever. Hence Gunagzhou is also known as Sui city (the Rice-Ear City), and Wuyang city (the Five-ram City).

The statue stands in the Yuexiu Hill, east to the Liuhua Complex of Guangzhou Trade Fair.

Dragon Boats 龙舟

Dragon boat racing, now well known anywhere in the world where there's a Chinese community and some water, was invented in Shunde city south of Guangzhou, where the boat-making has been viewed as a tradition to be handed down from one generation to another. 【more】


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