Saturday,June 24,2017
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Where to Find Old Xiguan Houses in Guangzhou?

Updated Beijing Time

A Xiguan House on Baoyuan Road of Liwan district in Guangzhou. The traditional house is turned to be a hostel right now. (Guangzhou Daily/ Wang Yan)

Xiguan refers to Guangzhou's Liwan district. Liwan, the old district of Guangzhou is filled with local architecture (Qilou buildings and bustling alleys), Cantonese Opera (the Bahe House, home of the original opera style), ancient foreign trade (the Shisan Hang trading center, active for centuries) as well as traditional Cantonese delicacies and morning tea.

In the fast-developing city of Guangzhou with skyscrapers gradually dominating the city with their tall and cold shapes, traditional Xiguan houses are being torn down by property developers too interested in profits to understand the value of what they are destroying. Most of the Xiguan houses that remain today are hidden down some alleyways in the old part of Guangzhou, and to find you'll have to do a little exploring. Follow our guide and discover the beauty of Guangzhou's Xiguan houses:



 Inside of a modern Xiguan House on Baoyuan Road. (Guangzhou Daily/ Wangyan)


Ms. Helga, expert from Italy visits the Guangzhou Liwan District Museum in April of 2010. The museum is a typical Xiguan House. (Guangzhou Daily/ Hu Guoqiu)

Liwan district:
Take bus No. 2, 3, 6, 82 and stop at Baohualu Station or take metro line one and stop at Changshoulu Station, you will find old houses along the streets.

Go to the north (Shiwu Fu Street, Shiliu Fu Street);
to the northeast (Yaohua Street);
to the northwest (Duobao Road, Fengyuan Road, Baoyuan Road).

Haizhu district:
Nanhua Xi Street

What is a Xiguan House: The facade of a Xi Guan house was generally built with grey bricks, and the main wooden door is accompanied by a Tanglong (horizontal wooden bars) and a pair of 'café style' outer doors at the entrance. The interior is very symmetrically structured; from the front to the back of the house there are as follows: the portal, the hallway, the main hall, the first room, the second hall and the back room. There is also a patio and garden inside.


Western Parkour mixes with Eastern Xiguan Style. (Guangzhou Daily/ Wang Yan)



Xiguan Houses on Duobao Road. (Guangzhou Daily/ Yan Shiran)



A granny waves a fan in front of a Xiguan House. (Guangzhou Daily)

(By Carrot Chan, David Keyton)


Editor: Chen Minjie

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