Saturday,June 24,2017
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Popular Cinemas in Guangzhou

Updated Beijing Time

An outing to the cinema is a great choice to escape the summer heat. Snuggle up in your comfy seat, relax in those seconds of darkness before the film commences and enjoy some of the most entertaining movies the 7th Art has to offer...

Special: Guangzhou Old Cinemas Go with the Tide


UME (Ultimate • Movie • Experience) Cineplex (UME国际影城)

Tel: 020-8425 7979
Add: 6/F, Grandbuy Department Store, No.489, Baogang Dadao, Guangzhou宝岗大道广百新一城6楼
Seats: 920
Tickets: 60-65 yuan
Tips: free of charge for a lady accompanying a gentleman every Tuesday; discounts on weekdays before 18:00, weekend before 12:00 and every Wednesday.
Restaurants around: Shengjishu Vegetarian Restaurant (3/F), Dacheng Xiaochu Restaurant (2/F), Starbucks (1/F).


Shangying Lianhe Cineplex (上影联和影城)

Tel: 020-8977 8118, 8977 8128
Add: 4/F, Yanhui Plaza, No. 108, Jiangyan Lu, Haizhu district. 海珠区江燕路108号燕汇广场4楼(近江燕花园站)
Seats: 466
Tickets: discount on weekdays before 18:00 and after 20:00, weekend before 18:00, and every Tuesday.
Restaurants around: Fudai Restaurant (near the cineplex), Canteen (near the cineplex)


Feiyang Cinema (Grandview Mall 正佳飞扬影城)

Add: 7/F of Grandview Mall, Tianhe District广州市天河区天河路208号
Tel: 020-8559 8266, 8559 0266
Seats: 1,700
Tickets: 80 yuan, discount for members every Wednesday and every day after 22:30
Restaurants around: Manji Dessert (4/F), Dayefeng Restaurants (6/F)


Feiyang Cinema (Tee Mall 天河城飞扬国际影城)

Tel: 020-8559 0336
Add: 4/F, Northwest tower of Tee Mall天河城西北塔四楼
Seats: 1,400
Tickets: 80 yuan, discount for members every Wednesday and every day after 22:30
Restaurants around: Gourmet plaza on 6 and 7th floor


China Plaza Cinema (中华广场电影城)

Add: 8/F of China Plaza中华广场8楼
Tel: 020-8373 9423
Seats: 1,280
Tickets: 40-100 yuan, discount every day before 12:00 and after 22:00 and every Wednesday
Restaurants around: Gourmet plaza on 7th floor


Tianhe Cinema (天河电影城)

Tel: 8757 6733
Add: 5/F Tianyu Plaza, No. 623 Tianhe road (Exit A of Gangding metro station, Line 3) 广州市天河路623号(岗顶)天娱广场五楼(地铁三号线岗顶站A出口)
Seats: 1,219
Restaurants around: snacks on 5th and 6th floor, gourmet plaza on 3rd floor
Tickets: 35-120 yuan (discount every day before 13:00 and after 22:30 and weekdays)

(By Carrot Chan, David Keyton)


Editor: Chen Minjie

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