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Saturday,February 16,2019
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A Guide to Taste The Guangzhou Spring Festival

Updated Beijing Time

Keyword 1: Special purchases for the Spring Festival

Seafood: Yi De Road, Qing Ping Road Seafood Wholesale Market

New Year paintings, New Year couplets and other decorations: Yi De Road (near Hai Zhu Square)

Traditional Cantonese Snacks for Spring Festival (Jiedui, Youjiao): supermarket

Imports of snack and dried fruit: Yi De Road

Keyword 2: Flower Market

Addresses of Guangzhou flower market in 2009

Xi Hu flower market (Jiao Yu Road, Xi Hu Road),

Dong Hu flower market of (Da Sha Tou San Road),

Li Wan flower market (Li Wan Road),

Haizhu flower market (Bin Jiang Xi Road and Bao Gang Da Dao),

Tian He flower market (Tian He Sports Centre),

Huang Pu flower market (Huang Pu Stadium),

Bai Yun flower market (Tang Jing Street Yuan Jing Road),

Luo Gang flower market (Qing Nian Road),

Pan Yu flower market (Sheng Tai Road),

Hua Du flower market (San Dong Da Dao Xi).

Tips: The opening hour starts from 8:00 am on January 23th to 2:00 am on January 26th in Yue Xiu, Li Wan, Hai Zhu, Tian He, Huang Pu and Bai Yun District.

Keyword 3: Lunar New Year's Eve family dinner

Lunar New Year's Eve is extremely important to the Chinese. People get rid of the old to make way for the new and gather up for dinner on this day. The dinner fully demonstrates mutual respect and mutual love of Chinese family members.

Keyword 4: fireworks in Bai E Tan (White Swan Pool, a pool surrounds Sha Mian Island, Pearl River in Li Wan District)

Where: Bai E Tan

Time: at night of the first day of the first month of the Lunar Year (this January 26th )

Tips: you should get to the Pearl River riverside early at about 4:00 pm that day, otherwise you are not going to have the chance to appreciate the beautiful fireworks closely : )

Keyword 5: Ancestor worship (Making sacrificial offerings to Heaven and ancestors in the Spring Festival)

Time: the first and the fifteenth day of the first month of the Lunar Year (January 26th and February 9th)

Where: Fangcun Huang Da Xian Temple, Guang Xiao Temple and Liu Rong Temple of Yue Xiu District


Bai Yun Mountain: Lanterns shows and some performances in every Spring Festival.

Culture Park: Appreciating the lanterns shows at the park become a Spring Festival habit to Guangzhou residents. You can also play Chinese chess here.

Sha Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street: Here is the best choice for you to shopping and have Cantonese morning tea. You can also enjoy Dancing Lion here.

(by Wing Chan)

Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com

Editor: Chen Minjie

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