Saturday,June 24,2017
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GZ Facts

Craftwork more
Hand-Made Chopsticks, An Exquisite Family Tradition
"Making chopsticks is no easy job. Cutting the sticks alone requires 7 different procedures and 3 years to learn. Whilst mechanization seeks speed, handicraft seeks greater perfection and traditional connotations."
Architecture more
Where to Find Old Xiguan Houses in Guangzhou?
What is a Xiguan House: The facade of a Xi Guan house was generally built with grey bricks, and the main wooden door is accompanied by a Tanglong (horizontal wooden bars) and a pair of 'café style' outer doors at the entrance.
Food more
Local Snacks for The Mid-Autumn Festival
The traditional Chinese Mid-autumn Festival will fall on this October 3rd (also August 15th according to the Chinese lunar calendar). Food is an essential element on that day when family members get together.
Tea & Medicine more
Herbal Tea Rivals Coca Cola
Nearly 3 million tons of Herbal tea were produced and sold in the first six months of 2006, and very probably the number will be over 3.5 million tons by the end of the year.
Music & Opera more
Guangdong Opera Listed as World Heritage
Cantonese Opera has recently been included on the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List, after a joint application from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao.
Traditional Brands more
Nanguan Cinema Revives
Founded in 1908, Nanguan Cinema is one of these old movie theaters. Located on Beijing Nan Road, the cinema was an important part of local life. It closed twelve years ago, but has recently reopened after undergoing a 1 million yuan renovation.
Others more
Popular Cinemas in Guangzhou
An outing to the cinema is a great choice to escape the summer heat. Snuggle up in your comfy seat, relax in those seconds of darkness before the film commences and enjoy some of the most entertaining movies the 7th Art has to offer...
Festivals more
Dirt Cleaning Day
Who's Who more
Poet Liang Zongdai's Manuscripts Returned to GUFS
Martial Art more
Hong Quan, A Bloodline Between Generations
Art &

Calligraphy Exhibition in Cultural Park
Dialects more
Cantonese Eases Its Way into Popularity