Monday,June 26,2017
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Cost of Hospitalization Nears 1,000 RMB Daily in Guangzhou


Updated Beijing Time


The average cost for individual outpatient treatment in Guangzhou rose to 170 RMB (25 USD) per visit from July to September, 9.86% higher than the same period of last year, according to a third quarter medical expense report released yesterday by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Health.


The average cost of hospitalization also increased by 9.58% to almost 1,000 RMB (147 USD) per day.


The rise in medical costs seems odd since most prices did not surge during the second half this year.

广州市卫生局有关负责人表示,这次医疗费上涨情况比较复杂, 卫生部门会进一步跟进此事,了解涨价的原因,并尽快通过媒体向市民公布。

An official from the bureau said the increases have resulted for complicated reasons. He also added that the authorities will further investigate the matter and soon announce the causes publicly.


A patient receives treatment during hospitalization at a hospital in Guangzhou. (Xinhua)


Editor: Chen Minjie

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